Aliens encoded messages in our DNA

Atkins. Acai Berry. Cabbage Soup. Paleo. Not the names of Michael Jackson’s kids, but all fad diets. Turns out, though, that we needn’t bother with anything more than taking a few whiffs of olive oil. That’s according to Dr. Malte Rubach, a nutritional scientist at the German Research Centre for Food Chemistry. The doctor and his colleagues tested 120 people and worked out that a special yoghurt dosed with olive oil scent tricked people into reducing calorie intake from other foods and also displayed better response to glucose tolerance tests to measure blood sugar control, fluctuations in which is related to hunger.

More heroics from the University of Warwick, whose intrepid scientists have managed to make emulsions that can halve the fat content of chocolate without changing the mouth feel. Stefan Bon and his team now plan to make vodka-based chocolate. Wonderful stuff.

Slightly more worrying is that Japanese researchers claim to be able to reveal images that people see in the early stages of sleep. This was done by relating brain activity to reported imagery from the nearly-asleep participants. Apparently there’s 60 per cent accuracy possible, which means that pictures of dinosaurs wielding light sabres at Rum Point are surely to follow. Weekender probably should cut back on the pre-bed cheese, too.

Ohm and by the way, researchers Vladimir I shCherbak of al-Farabi Kazakh National University of Kazakhstan, and Maxim A Makukov of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute reckon that aliens could have hidden a secret code in our DNA.

“Simple arrangements of the code reveal an ensemble of arithmetical and ideographical patterns of symbolic language,” said researchers.

The scheme, reported Indian Express, includes the use of decimal notation, logical transformations, and the use of the abstract symbol of zero.

“Accurate and systematic, these underlying patterns appear as a product of precision logic and nontrivial computing,” said the not-nuts science people, who went on to say, quite reasonably, that the genetic code therefore, “appears that it was invented outside the solar system already several billions years ago.”

Weekender’s met a few people who would probably prove the alien hypothesis over the years, that’s for sure.

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