Cops shot at during chase

Update 10am Friday: A second man has been arrested in connection with the incident where shots were fired at police officers Thursday night. The second arrest was made following a police operation early Friday in the George Town area. The second suspect, who is 22 years old, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm. The first man arrested is 29 years old and he was also arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

A police pursuit in George Town Thursday night led to shots being fired at officers, according to reports from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

None of the officers involved were hurt during the incident, which happened just after 8pm Thursday in the Lakeside Villas condo complex along the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

Police arrested one man in connection with the shooting.

According to a police statement, officers in a marked patrol vehicle were driving behind a Ford Explorer SUV that was headed southbound on the Esterley when the Ford suddenly sped off, turning into Lakeside.

The police car followed the SUV until it crashed into a fence a short while later.

Four people inside the Ford ran from the vehicle after the crash and, as they tried to get away, shots were fired, police said.

No one was hurt.

Police found one of the suspects near the Lakeside property. He was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and firearms offences. Officers did not state whether they recovered the weapon used in the incident.

There was no word on what happened to the other three men inside the vehicle.

“Officers are maintaining a presence in the Lakeside area, not only to obtain witness statements, but to reassure the resident and address and welfare concerns,” the RCIPS statement read.

Thursday’s incident was the second within the month that involved an attack on a uniformed officer on Grand Cayman.

The other occurred during a crowd control assignment in East End where an officer with the Uniform Support Group [armed officers] was struck in the head with a rock that had apparently been hurled from the crowd.

That officer was hospitalised with serious head injuries.


  1. Criminals shooting at police: The question is where do we put the blame. For this I say the Commissioner of police, because he is making the police force look like a Sunday school class. When things like this take place, this is serious business and nothing for anyone to smile about. There has to be a no tolerance aggressive move to persons who shoot at police officers in the Cayman Islands. ONLY CAY MAN THIS CAN HAPPEN AND THE CRIMALS GET AWAY WITH IT. The police Commissioner need to realize that he cannot run this force like England. Caymanian is not going to sit down and allow one of their police officers to be shot because of not enough being done. The commissioner of police need to realize that he does not put guns in the hands of police officers just because of the color of their skin or where they come from. SPECIAL OFFICES NEED TO BE CAREFULLY SELECTED FOR THIS JOB with daily training. Then one would ask the question when criminals are shooting at officers in the night, should they duck behind a tree or what. NO. Police need to be very aggressive towards this sort of behavior, and least but not last THE JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT NEED TO PUT AWAY PERSONS SHOOTING AT COPS FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

  2. @Hunter

    First of all, you need to get that thorn in your ….about who the police commissioner is and where he is from. You would have fit in well during the Detroit riots long ago as your prejudice is seething.

    As for the incident, lets be thankful that none of the officers were hurt. If they have one of them, with a little pressure , he will squeal on the others like a pig at the slaughter. Then let the law take on it role and send these hooligans to jail for an extended stay. Oops, I forgot, the Judge may be from somewhere other than Cayman.

  3. Why did we ever armed the police in the first place? Was that really necessary? When criminals see police armed many more now will arm themselves. For this Hunter, I can blame the Commissioner, because when he came here he was all about talking to the youth and prevention… somehow he has dropped the ball on the power of persuasion and has taken a force-you-to-comply approach on these criminals. Now we are seeing the results. Officers are now being assaulted because of it.

  4. Hunter, you are long on invective but short on practical suggestions about what the commissioner, or the police generally, could do that they are not already doing. One of these people was arrested, the rest will probably follow in short order, unless they manage to skip the country first. Well, we have extradition arrangements with the places they are likely to run to.

    And I can also assure you that Cayman’s Judges are not shy about robust sentencing. If these people are convicted, they will almost certainly get life sentences.

  5. I agree with JTB on this the Justice system is always hardcore when the victim is one of thier own. It’s only when the people shoot at each other do they get smacks on the hand..

  6. This is a real shame because before long the headlines will read,

    Shots fired at police, police officers returned fire and xxxx person/persons injured or pronounced dead at the GT hospital, investigations still ongoing.

    This is the inevitable course now that that Pandora’s Box has been opened.

    What a pity…

    My island home, the Cayman Islands, USED TO BE such a nice place to live and visit.

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