Online poll: Most will vote for best candidate

A large majority of likely voters said in last week’s online poll that they would vote for the best candidates regardless of party or team affiliation if the elections were held now. 

Of the 639 total respondents, 142 people or 22.2 per cent said they couldn’t vote in the Cayman Islands and 25 people – 3.9 per cent – said they could vote in the Cayman Islands but would not. 

Of the remaining 472 likely voters, 343 of them – 72.7 per cent – said they would vote for the best candidates regardless of party or team affiliation if the election were held the day they responded to the poll. 

“There are many good people running in this election,” said one person. “I hope common sense prevails and they are given a chance. Don’t vote for the same old dinosaurs – we can all see where that has got us.” 

“I’m not voting for any of the current clueless batch of so-called representatives, that’s for sure,” someone else said.  

“I’d vote for The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, Mr. Bean, and Benny Hill for premier to try and get someone in charge with a little sense for a change,” said another person. “But they didn’t declare.” 

Another 66 people – 14 per cent of likely voters – said they would vote for all independent candidates. 

“The party system resulted in MLAs that supported the party and failed the people,” said one person. 

“It is time to give our independent leaders a chance to lead these islands as the two parties have failed us miserably,” said someone else. 

“Party politics is destroying Cayman,” said another person. “The country is just too small for this kind of unproductive division.” 

“Right now I’m still researching all candidates (regardless of their district) as they could hold a ministerial post and know nothing, as seems to be our present predicament,” commented one person. “I am leaning towards independent candidates – definitely no UDP or Fab 5 candidates will get an X from me. I’ve seen where they’ve taken my islands with the high crime and blatant disrespect to our constituents.” 

Only 63 people – 13.34 per cent of likely voters – said they would vote for all candidates of one particular party or team. 

“To be effective, the independents will have to associate with or form their own party,” said one person. “Which way are they leaning would be my question if I voted for an independent. West Bay with its strong UDP leaning is usually in the position to run the country.” 

“Because in my district, I consider them the best, not because I’m a party member,” said someone else. 

Two of the eligible voters who said they would not vote explained why. 

“I am not going to vote because they’re all alike, doing dirty deals to get money in their pocket to get rich and mess up the island,” said one person. 

“As an expat, I do not feel that I am a full citizen, that my vote matters beyond the ballot box,” said someone else.  

Several people who cannot vote also left comments. 

“Though I cannot vote in Cayman, I hope eligible voters vote for candidates with regard to their positions on the issues and not based upon party affiliation or independent status,” said one person. “Get informed on the issues and support candidate(s) who you believe will do the best job.” 

“I can’t vote but if I could, I would vote for the independent candidates,” said someone else. “Fresh blood and views is what politics in Cayman needs right now.” 

“Unfortunately the best candidate(s) may not be in your district, so until we have national elections, we just have to settle for what we get,” said another respondent. 

Next week’s poll question 

What do you think is the biggest issue currently facing the Cayman Islands? 

The economy 

Over development 




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  1. My suggestions are to Know your Candidate You have candidates coming out of the trees, rocks, and from under everything than can move; but the question is this where has these people been all the time? What have the been doing since the past 10 years? We have candidates running again, who have been in the LA doing absolutely nothing, saying nothing, showing no concern, yet some foolish people will say they are good. Good in what way. Then you have the new comers who you have not seen in five to ten years, telling the people a mouth full of lies and promises of what they will do if we elect them. Why? Where have the been when their districts were having community meetings, Have they been contributing to the schools lunches for children who cannot afford it? Have they been helping with the pines by visiting or having a senior party for them once in a while. What has these want to be candidates been doing to see that the elderly is properly taken care of or that young people have a job? Nothing. But they want you to vote for them. Caymanians use your head this time round and think about the persons who have been there all year round seeing to these things. KNOW YOUR CANDIDATE. If you knows nothing good about your candidate except personal favors he or she has done for you, then they do not need your vote. Do not believe their promises. They should have shown you five years ago what they were doing in your district to make it a better place.

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