Civil Service College provides learning opportunities

The Civil Service College provides training opportunities for government workers to help progress their careers. 

The college runs a variety of courses to keep civil servants on top of their game. 

The first graduates in December, 2011, included staff from the planning department, the fire department and the economics and statistics department. 

Speaking at last year’s graduation ceremony, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson spelled out the mission of the college. 

He said: “It is imperative that as civil servants each of us seize the chance to improve ourselves and our environments. I am happy to say that the civil service college caters to all levels and that we continue to provide each and every civil servant with the opportunity to keep focused on self-improvement.”  

Among the courses on offer at the college are the Associate of Arts in Public Administration and the Institute of Leadership and Management Award. The college was founded in 2007 with the aim of helping civil servants excel at their jobs and progress in their careers. 

An e-learning component has since been added, through the Civil Service Academy, allowing for continuing education, speciality training, and support of competency-based human resource initiatives. 

In its mission statement, posted on its website, the college sets out some of its key goals. 


They include, helping civil servants to: 

Do the work currently assigned at the standards of excellence expected of civil servants. 

Continually enhance specific job competencies in order to constantly improve performance. 

Work collaboratively with co-workers and supervisors towards achieving common organisational and departmental objectives. 

Realise their full career potential. 

Enhance capacity to do more complex work and handle higher levels of responsibility and functions that are vital to the strategic development and future goals of public service organisations. 

Manage their personal career development for life-long success. 

The statement adds: “The objectives of each course are to achieve measurable and concrete job competencies. The length of study depends on an individual student’s ability and dedication, 
not on a traditional school calendar.” 

The college was founded in 2007 with the aim of helping civil servants excel at their jobs and progress in their careers. 

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