NCVO’s programmes will benefit

Established in 1974, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations is one of Cayman’s longest standing charities.  

The organisation’s primary concern is the care, education and wellbeing of children in need and their families. The programmes they run are focused primarily on children.  

These include the Jack and Jill Nursery, which takes care up to 14 babies aged three months to two years and Miss Nadine’s Pre-School, which accepts up to 70 children aged two to five. Both offer discounted fees to those who qualify through means testing.  

The NCVO also operates the Nadine Andreas Residential Foster Home, which aims to provide as normal a home as possible for children in care, aged 2 to 17. The foster home takes both girls and boys, both short and long term, which means siblings need not be separated. Children are placed in the home by the Department of Children and Family Services.  

The NCVO also offers small welfare grants to a few of the Pines Retirement Home residents and others in need in the community, and provides lunch support and snacks to over 30 children in schools. The organisation also donates annually to the John Gray Memorial Grant, which provides financial assistance to students wishing to pursue university studies either here or abroad.  

In order to continue their worthwhile work, the NCVO receives an annual government grant, but also depends heavily on raising funds through private and corporate donations. Every year, the widely anticipated telethon also raises significant funds, which enable the organisation to continue its programmes.  

The New to You Bargain Shop is a further source of income through sales of used household goods, clothing, appliances and more. Items may also be donated to people in need in the community. Sales of the Cayman Watercolours calendar further boosts the organisation’s funds and a number of smaller fundraisers throughout the year keep the cash trickling in.  

In spite of this, says NCVO CEO Janice Wilson, more funds would enable them to help more people. “We can always do more. The more funds we receive, the more children and families we can help and the more we can expand our services.” 

The proceeds they will receive from the Charity Drive are therefore most welcome.  

“The donation will certainly make a big difference to our programmes and services and will assist us in providing better facilities and equipment for the children in our care. The funds will be used wherever they are most needed for our children’s services programmes, primarily the Nadine Andreas Foster Home, Miss Nadine’s pre-school and the Jack & Jill Nursery.” 

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