Charity Drive benefits three

Simply driving around the Island Heritage roundabout on the Esterly Tibbets bypass will help to raise funds for three non-profit organisations in the Cayman Islands later this month. Charity Drive returns for the second time on 16, 17 and 18 April, with a different organisation benefitting each day.  

Charity Drive, an innovative concept in charitable giving organised by Island Heritage, was first put into action in 2012. The concept is simple: For every car that drives around the Island Heritage roundabout Island Heritage donates $1 to charity, up to a potential maximum of $10,000 for each charity.  

“Island Heritage was looking for a way to not only give money to deserving causes, but to get the community’s involvement in making sure the charities received the fund proposed,” explained Monique Bush, manager of marketing and communications at Island Heritage Insurance. “It was our hope that through this effort members of the community would feel more connected to the donation and perhaps even develop a greater passion for the cause.” 

“We were thrilled with the success of last year’s event, having seen a greater than expected uptake in community support across the Island,” she said. “We easily reached our goal of $30,000, which Island Heritage proudly presented to the three charities – the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme, Meals on Wheels and the CI Humane Society.” 

Last year, with little time to organise the event, Island Heritage had polled its staff to find out which charities they were involved with and passionate about.  

This year, however, Island Heritage opened up the event to all charities and not for profit organisations by inviting them to apply to be one of the beneficiaries of the event. Some 22 applications were received and a selection committee ultimately chose the three charities they would donate funds to this year: The National Council for Voluntary Organisations, the Cayman National Cultural Foundation and the Cayman Islands Red Cross. 

Island Heritage has upped the ante with this year’s Charity Drive. In addition to the potential $10,000 on offer for each charity, Island Heritage is making a further $5,000 available to be won by one of the charities.  

This year, the public will also be able to use social media to show their support and raise additional funds. The charity or organisation that receives most clicks on Facebook and mentions of @charitydriveky on Twitter, will receive further $5,000 from Island Heritage. 

The public is invited to visit the Island Heritage Facebook page between 16 and 18 April, from 7am to 7pm, and click the support button.  

Each day benefits a different organisation: 

Tuesday, 16 April is NCVO 

Wednesday, 17 April is Cayman National Cultural Foundation 

Thursday, 18 April is Cayman Islands Red Cross 

Although it is not possible to make multiple clicks on one day, one can visit every day of the Charity Drive in order to support all three causes.  

“Although each charity will know, in real time, when they’ve reached the $10,000 mark on their designated day, we will hold back the final count of online support until Friday, 19 April and surprise the winning charity,” Ms Bush said. 

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