Five-car pile up closes road

A chain reaction collision involving five cars on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway on Monday afternoon caused long traffic jams and the temporary closure of the road. 

Two of the drivers and one male and one female passenger were treated in hospital for slight head injuries following the crash. All were later released. 

According to police, the five cars were travelling north along the highway when the pile up occurred.  

“One car struck the rear of another which then resulted in that car hitting the rear of another and so on until five cars were damaged,” police said. 

The accident happened near the National Gallery on the Esterley Tibbetts around 3.25pm. The north-bound lane of the road was blocked for more than half an hour following the accident. The road was reopened once the cars had been moved to the side of the road. 


  1. People drive too close to one another and are impatient to get somewhere. I really loathe driving on the roads these days: People don’t indicate; they weave in and out of traffic; they speed; they’re still on their cellphones, it’s crazy.

  2. Tailgating. Simple fix. Slam on your breaks on tailgaters. Eventually, if everyone starts doing this. Tailgaters will learn their lesson.

    If you hit someone from behind, due to tailgating. Tt’s always the fault of the tailgater. Legally, and the insurance companies see it that way as well.

  3. Big Berd — you are brilliant. If someone is tailgating me I should slam on my breaks so they ram me. The insurance company will see it as their fault, so I lose nothing. Except the time involved with dealing with the accident, filling out the police report, bringing my car in for repair, going to the doctor to treat whiplash or any other injuries I get from the accident, and any increases to my insurance, since my third party coverage will have to cover his vehicle regardless of who is at fault.

    Great solution! Well done!

  4. Slowly slowing (though sounds strange) the car might be a good solution. Basically you are just saying to driver behind that with the distance he has you don’t feel safe driving at 40 mph, so you dropped down to 25 mph or 20 mph. Take me over if you’re so brave.

    Sadly not every tailgating driver would understand what happened.

    To be honest I sometimes do this when somebody with high beam is driving behind. Some people get it and turn it off, some don’t.

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