Goodbye, Courtyard Marriott

The Dart group’s demolition of the former Courtyard Marriott structure has begun. 

The “deconstruction” of the building will take about four weeks, according to a news release issued by Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. sent Monday evening. 

Local company Jairam Building Contractors is using a claw-like machine to dismantle the five-storey building, starting with the top floors of the property on the southern end, and working to the north in a stair-step pattern to ensure the stability of the remaining structure. Construction manager DECCO is supervising. 

Dart plans to create a new 10-storey hotel on the site. 

Jairam will follow “green” standards for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification in processing the rubble pile from the demolition.  

Reinforcing bar will be removed and recycled and the concrete will be removed and stored to be used as fill for 
future Dart projects. Materials will not be sent to the George Town landfill. 

According to Dart, the hotel demolition and redevelopment project is projected to create more than 400 jobs over two-to-three years.  

To date, local companies have been awarded more than $1.75 million in contracts on the hotel project. 

The entire project is estimated to cost more than $140 million. 

The original Courtyard Marriott structure was completed in 2000 and opened as a Holiday Inn.  

In 2004, the hotel was sold and rebranded as a Courtyard Marriott. The hotel has been closed since Hurricane Paloma struck in 2008. Dart bought the property from developer Stan Thomas as part of a major land deal in January 2011. 

Dart originally planned to renovate and add onto the existing structure, but ultimately determined to rase the building and start from scratch.  

In February, Jackie Doak, chief operating officer for Dart Realty, said Dart is looking to open the new hotel by late 2015. 

The new hotel is part of the ForCayman Investment Alliance between Dart and government.  

The closure of the adjacent section of West Bay Road is intended to facilitate the new hotel development.  

In exchange, Dart is extending the Esterley Tibbetts Highway all the way to West Bay and creating a new Public Beach park.  

Other parts of the deal involve Dart closing the George Town landfill and creating a new waste management facility in the district of Bodden Town, along with cash being paid by Dart to government, and other various land swaps. 

On 13 March, Cabinet officially opened the first phase of the highway extension and closed the corresponding stretch of West Bay Road. The road was physically blocked off 18 March.  

Traffic diversions still continue due to utilities work related to the project. 


  1. I said it before and I will say it again.


    While everyone else is full of talk he is full of action. And no he is not a philanthropist or Charity they are a business that prove action speaks louder than words. People should take an example from what they are doing instead of demonizing them.

  2. I totally agree with you NJ2Cay. I admire the man for making things bigger and better. I must say he has a golden touch, because as I have admired works that he has done on the Island, they are all done very good. People need to cut the nonsense about him trying to take over the Island; because if I had the money to buy and build all that he has done, would they say I am trying to take over the Island and I am a Caymnanian. No they would not. I am sure by now that Dart know that it is foreigners who are pushing the Caymanians to be against him. They have had business and hotels here for decades and have done nothing, not a Park, not a beach, could not visit their premises or sit on their beach chairs or walk through their property. Now that Dart has came and taken up what they should have done they hate the man. No one is being threatened to sell their land and property to dart, so I would suggest control allowing others to set you up against him. I believe he will make the Court yard Marriot Bigger and better, besides there will be jobs open for Caymanians.

  3. Imagine the possibilities for economic growth and jobs if the powers to be would grant more of the same pro investment policies to investors at large!

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