Editorial for 18 April: Always respect police badge

We have been too long in writing this editorial, but it
needs to be said nonetheless.

The recent instances where a police SUV was shot at and an
armed officer was struck in the head with a rock are disgusting and simply not
acceptable at any time in the Cayman Islands.

This newspaper doesn’t care a whit for the “reasons” why
individuals would assault, indeed, some may fairly say attempt to kill officers
of the law. We’ve been hearing all sorts of stories about last week’s police
chase and, frankly, nothing will excuse firing on uniformed police officers.

Police officers in many jurisdictions, including Cayman, put
their lives on the line to protect the public. They face the dangers so we
don’t have to; they do it so our families can sleep in peace at night. And they
do it for, in our opinion, unacceptably low levels of pay.

Now, we have not been soft on local police in recent years
at the Caymanian Compass. There are many areas in which we feel the Royal
Cayman Islands Police Service may fairly and properly be criticised, in
particular the areas of media/public relations and in the manner in which
certain evidence is handled before the court.

However, it is unacceptable, no matter what one’s opinion of
the professionalism of the local police service is, to engage in the kinds of
acts that occurred on 23 March in East End and on 11 April in George Town.

The police are members of our community and society as well,
and it is the job of residents here to do what they can to help protect them.
Please, if anyone has information about the individuals involved in these
despicable acts, report it to the proper authorities.

It’s the only way we can maintain order and prosperity in
our society and as we’ve said before, it is our collective responsibility to
ensure Cayman remains safe and free; the police can’t do it alone.

Respect the badge, otherwise, it could be your life or the
lives of your loved ones at stake next.


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