Math challenge inspires minds

The Dart group’s “Minds Inspired Inaugural Mathematics Challenge” took place on Friday, 22 March at the University College of the Cayman Islands.

Featured in the 2013 Mathematics Challenge were 34 competitors from six schools, with first place in the individual round going to Vincent Lachance, a student from St. Ignatius High School.

In the team round, first place went to team members Joanna Tibbetts, of Layman Scott High School in Cayman Brac, Sabrina Weber of Grace Christian Academy and Hanna Ebanks of the Cayman International School.

Other winning recipients in the individual round were second place winner Sabrina Silva of the Cayman International school and third place winner Thomaas Wolfe, also of CIS.

“Minds Inspired is an all-encompassing initiative which focuses on making education increasingly accessible to the youth of Cayman,” said Jackie Doak, chief operating officer of Dart Realty. “The Mathematics Challenge goes one step further though. It does not stop at accessibility, rather it actively promotes and encourages students to become involved in mathematics in a setting other than their classrooms.

“Enhanced skills in mathematics and science allows us all to become better problem solvers, critical thinkers and decision makers and innovators,” she added. “Through Minds Inspired, Dart is delighted to encourage our youth to make deliberate choices for their education which include mathematics and science.”

This year’s participating schools were Grace Christian Academy, St. Ignatius High School, John Gray High School, Clifton Hunter, Layman Scott High School Cayman Brac and the Cayman International School. Each school was allowed to enter up to six students.

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