Move dump for good

No one really looks at the dump problem with any proper vision. 

All they seem to see is where one in Cayman it can be placed or not placed. Well, if we really look at where the dump begins, then to where it should end, then you would have no problem. 

It’s simple; you shipped it into Cayman, well ship it back out when it is no longer needed on Cayman after all. 

The people we buy the dump from, they recycle and have all the necessary tools to sell it back to us after they recycle it.  

Let us get some container ships and tugs and barges to get the job done with Caymanians operating it. 

Jobs will be a big plus in this, plus we would once again be known as the cleanest island in the world. It would be a win, win for all that live in the Cayman Islands and to keep these Islands clean and have no type of dump is where we need to be. 

Now anything that can be mulched, we need to keep that here with us on Cayman to help all of us that want to grow things so they can get that for free or at a very, very low cost. 

We need to look at making such ideas as this happens for our beloved Cayman and all its people. 

And we must also take another look at the septic tank effects on Cayman. 

The people of Cayman need to protect our native home now, more than any other time in history, so let’s ask for help from our Mother Country England and her big daughters to the north for some help in this.
I know Mr. Obama of America would be more than happy to help us. After all, they help send most of the stuff that makes up our dump. 

They have the best recycling programmes and they have the boats, barges, tugs and tools we need. 

Canada, the other daughter, she will assist with whatever else we may need. Look at all the rewards all the people get. We solve our dump problem, we create jobs, we have a shipping system we never had before, the recycling is good, we earn money and we use it to keep the programme going. 

All the money goes back to the Americans and Canadians and the rest of the world comes to Cayman, brings back some money and enjoys a clean Cayman. 

One of the keys to all of this is people in positions with good minds of how to get it done, with the money under the control of the people; it must be looked at and approved by the people of this Island. 

We do not need anything that stinks on our Island, blowing on anyone, anywhere, regardless of who they may be or wherever they live on this Island. 

So let us get rid of the dump.  

Oh yes, I am in favour of moving the dump and as I stated before, let us move the dump off Cayman.  

Recycle all that we can here too, but send all major unwanted stuff off Cayman. 

Let’s get our act right. Cayman is our home and is one of the special pearls in the world.  

Let us take better care of it.  

To the police, please enforce the littering laws for people tossing stuff from their cars onto our streets. 

This nasty act of tossing from the care is hurting Cayman. 


Emile S. Levy 

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  1. Oh yes, I am in favour of moving the dump and as I stated before, let us move the dump off Cayman.

    Recycle all that we can here too, but send all major unwanted stuff off Cayman


    So you believe that Cayman is such a ‘pearl’ and ‘special place’ that any other country in the world must accept your garbage ?

    Or do you propose to pollute the oceans any more than they are already by just emptying your proposed barges of garbage into the open seas ?

    Or is it because it is Cayman’s garbage, that it is not as smelly, polluting and environmentally threatening as any other country’s garbage…that Cayman’s garbage is special garbage ?

    What do you think other countries in the world have done and and are doing with their garbage ?

    Shall I tell you ?

    They have understood that human consumption produces waste matter…and they have pursued scientific methods to deal with that waste matter…and instituted laws to limit the amount of waste matter produced and how it should be specifically handled.

    It might be a very good thing if your ‘mother country’ was to get involved in this problem in Cayman.

    When the laws that govern how waste matter is dealt with in Britain reaches some of these people in Cayman, they will understand very quickly how conservation and re-cycling works…and the hefty fines that come along with breaking those laws.

    Deal with your garbage problem the way other countries have…

    You’re not so ‘special’ that anyone else wants your garbage !

  2. Sounds simple enough, but shipping all the garbage off Cayman would cost each and every person living here money. And that is what seems to be the issue, everyone wants solutions but no one wants to pay for it people say create a WTE facility but want it at no cost to them. …As far as recycling let he who is without sin cast the first stone. How many people on Cayman take the time to separate their garbage and actually bring their recyclables to the existing recycling centers currently in operation or have compost bins on their property. How many people would be OK with paying trash collection fees in order to have the stuff shipped off island ?

    Compass you should Poll this, and see what people are willing to do themselves.

  3. My Favorite subject. In case you readers don’t know I Personally know the people that do the shipping of trash off of Cayman and operate the recycling in Cayman Not to say others don’t help or try a little thing but most people want anything to do with recycling unless they are kissed and paid for there trash.
    That said, I personally know those that don’t recycle.
    I offered a waste to energy plant at no cost to govt
    I offered to ship the trash to Tampa to the waste energy plant there at no cost to govt
    I offered to buy all the trash in the landfill and remove it But they wanted more than it was worth.
    Lots of people know this information and know me.
    They are afraid of what?
    fixing the problem ?
    or I may make money off it?
    Or maybe there is nothing in it for them.

  4. NJ2Cay

    People never do anything voluntarily…they have to be forced to by law; its just human nature.

    Years ago, when I worked as a graduate just out of university for the CI Govt. Treasury, there was a garbage collection fee that every house owner was supposed to pay for garbage collection; it wasn’t even very much per household…

    And the garbage collection fee was the most unpaid of government fees, along with hospital bills, which the CI Govt. eventually had to get very strict on collecting.

    This dump problem didn’t materialise overnight…it grew as Cayman’s population grew…and Cayman’s legislators became rich off this population…and forgot everything else but the dollar signs blinding them to that mountain of trash that they, along with the tourist/visitor and local population were building…until now, when the threat to environmental health and safety can no longer be ignored.

    But, along with everything that you have said…everyone considers it everyone else’s problem, although every single bit of garbage from everywhere in Grand Cayman eventually ends up on that heap.

    And now the only solution is to ‘ship it off island???’

    Maybe these bright sparks suggesting this can fill in the missing bit for us, please.

    Ship it to WHERE ????!!!!

  5. I’ve read this piece twice now and I still have no idea exactly what Mr Levy is suggesting.

    It seems to be something about exporting our rubbish, but where to, why, and who would pay for it all seems to be very vague.

    Ordinarily with Mr Levy he resorts to one simple solution to all of Cayman’s problems, which is to get rid of all the expats, so it is nice to see him branching out in new directions and embracing the global economy. I think he may want to look at the numbers a bit before running with this one though.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world….