‘Rundown’ – through the eyes of one of the leading actors

Cayman’s popular satirical stage show, “Rundown”, is in full swing with plenty of performances still to come from the Harquail Theatre-based troupe. 

One long-time member of the Rundown crew is Michael McLaughlin. Weekender grabbed him to get the inside track on what it’s really like to bring the magic to delighted audiences. 


As an actor, how much fun is it to inhabit the “Rundown” characters? 

It is tremendous fun to occupy the various characters in Rundown, add to that the camaraderie and relationships that are formed and the experience becomes life changing. 


What do these characters say about Cayman and Cayman life? 

Life in the Cayman Islands is certainly a melting pot of events being brought into comedic light through “Rundown”. The characters lend a certain familiarity to our population, someone they can relate to involved in situations which touch all our lives.  


“Rundown” is an institution here; are there other versions on other islands that you know of? 

I think that this concept of a satirical review of life happenings has been alive for quite some time, particularly represented in calypso songs. While there may not be a particular show dedicated to this in other islands I feel confident that wherever the theatre has a strong presence then some form of this amusing tongue in cheek perspective lives too. 


Describe the show to an alien. 

Welcome, we mean you no harm. Tis kcab xaler dna tel ruoy serac llaf, ew tnaw uoy ot hgual os drah ti setaerc eht deen ot tisiv eht cilbup llats. Please reflect on this. 


What are your favourite memories over the years?  

There have been so many memories of every sort, the good and hilarious grow with every year. I think that many of my favourites are shared amongst the cast and is really only appreciated when you are a part of it and in the moment. I really believe though that when the “person on the street” stops you to talk about a part of the show that was memorable to them is truly the moment that encapsulates the entire experience. 


What are the must-nots of “Rundown” acting? Does it require special technique? 

Many people do not realise the amount of work which is required being involved in Rundown. I don’t think any special techniques are required but one does need to be able to laugh at self while stepping outside of your “comfort zone”. There are many “must-nots” which are relevant to acting in general although I feel that anyone who has an interest in participating, comes with an open mind with a willingness to listen and learn can contribute to the experience. 


The 2013 production runs from 25 April to 12 May, Thursdays to Saturdays 8pm and Sundays 6pm. Tickets: $25 adults and $15 children. Tickets will be available from Funky Tangs, all Foster’s Food Fair locations and the Cayman National Cultural Foundation office.  


Call 949-5477 for more information and reservations. 


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