Clever kids star in brain battle

Some of Cayman’s smartest school children had their fingers on the buzzers for a high-pressure Jeopardy-style quiz show at the Marriott hotel last week. 

The team from Cayman Prep walked away with iPad minis after coming out on top in the KPMG Brain Bowl. 

Teams of four youngsters from eight different schools faced off in an elimination competition as they fielded questions on maths, English, science and Caribbean history. 

Presented and judged by staff from KPMG, the quiz posed some genuinely tough questions that had the adults in the audience scratching their heads. 

The defining feature of the format was a buzzer system allowing contestants to interrupt the quizmaster as soon as they knew the answer, adding to the drama. 

Pressure is nothing new, though, to the winning foursome of Christopher Fletcher, Alexandra Williams, Iain McCallum and Charlotte Hinds. 

All four students, aged 15 and 16, are preparing for their GCSEs. But they still found time to practice for Friday’s event. 

And the hard work paid off as they beat the team from St Ignatius Catholic School in the final, to take first prize. The team from Clifton Hunter High School was third. 

One of the winners Christopher, 16, said: “We’ve been doing practice questions every lunch time for about a month, so it is a great feeling to win.” 

Charlotte, also 16, said the challenge of hitting the buzzer in time to answer the questions first added to the pressure. She said there had been some really tough questions and she was proud of the team’s efforts. 

Alexandra, 15, added: “We are starting our GCSEs in two weeks, which is going to be harder. But at least we will have more time to answer the questions.” 

KPMG says the academic tournament is designed to bring schools together and encourage students to enhance their academic skills and work as teams. 

“Brain Bowl is an internationally recognised tournament, very much like Jeopardy; with the questions geared towards high school academic subjects,” a spokesperson said. 


Are you smarter than an eighth grader? 

These questions were all answered correctly by the teams of high-school students, including pupils from Year 8 to Year 11, at Friday’s event. How well would you have done? 

What is the name of the Mars Explorer sending back pictures of the red planet? 

US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta announced plans to lift the ban on women taking what role in the military? 

Brazil’s government recently announced that it would undertake a comprehensive study of the Amazon to track what? 

Who hosts the programme that replaced Larry King Live on CNN? 

Which Caribbean island completed the only successful revolt of African slaves? 

Answers: Curiosity, combat, deforestation, Piers Morgan, Hispaniola (Haiti) 


The KPMG brain bowl put talented students to the test. – PHOTOs: JAMES WHITTAKER


Deep in thought. The winning team from Cayman Prep consult over an answer.

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