Many pooled for LIME 800m

The recent LIME 800 Metres Sea Swim was another successful launch of the annual open water swim series. 

It really was a collaborative effort at the 26th staging by LIME.  

Frank Flowers is a long time supporter in so many ways and was present, as ever and swam.  

Flowers is so supportive and sends his employees to set up the tents, bring the big clock down to the finish, donates water and ice for each and every swim and contributes throughout.  

He is preparing for his own annual one mile swim on 15 June and 5K and 10K swims two days later.  

Red Sails Sports are LIME’s long-term supporters as well as donators of kayaks and Jet Skis for each of the sea swims. Red Cross volunteers are always at every swim, too. 

All 109 swimmers completed the course on a beautiful day with minimal current. Regulars sighted included Duncan Mew, Bill “Tarzan” McFarland and Richard and Sian Harrison.  

Siblings Geoffrey and Lara Butler were over from England and participated. Geoffrey won in another photo finish ahead of Alex McCallum and Matthew Courtis, who was also over from school in the UK.  

LIME generously donated an iPhone 5 to draw and Danielle Boothe.  

Geoffrey Butler qualified for the Commonwealth Games in 2014 at CARIFTA in the 1500m, so the 800m was, in a sense, a warm up. 

Geoffrey and Lara Butler, Alex McCallum and Coral Tomascik along with Brett and Shaune Fraser are going to the Island Games in July. 

The next sea swim is the Butterfield 800m on 25 May. 

This event will have the extra interest of the Special Olympics athletes again participating from the US and the Caribbean. There should be about 20 of them attending.