Lyndon Martin found guilty of theft

PTA president not guilty of obtaining property by deception in three other charges

After trial in Cayman Brac on Thursday, Magistrate Grace Donalds found Lyndon Leathan Martin guilty of stealing $926, the property of the Parents-Teachers Association of Creek and Spot Bay Primary School. 

Martin, 42, was the association’s president in 2011 and he was accused of taking the money between 3 March and 3 June that year. The magistrate heard evidence that it had been collected from the sale of refreshments at school-related activities. 

In her verdict, the magistrate found that the defendant had used the money for himself by keeping 
it for three months. 

Martin, who gave evidence, agreed he had not deposited it in the bank and he had not turned it over to the association’s treasurer. 

He was found not guilty of obtaining property by deception on three occasions. Details of those charges alleged that he falsely tendered cheques drawn on the PTA bank account. 

On 25 May, 2011, he obtained $200 from La Esperanza and $285 plus $15 fuel from West End Texaco. The third cheque was for $200 at Market Place on 1 June 2011.  

Martin explained that he needed cash because he was going to Grand Cayman and was buying gifts for students of the school’s graduating class. He had rung the store and got a quote, but when he actually attended the store the price was different. The difference was the reason for the third cheque, he indicated. 

The court heard that there should have been a second signature on the cheques, but it was agreed that this requirement was not always adhered to. 

The magistrate was advised that the $926 in the theft charge had been paid to the PTA. 

She imposed a fine of $750 or two months imprisonment in lieu of payment. 

Martin, who served as second elected member of the Legislative Assembly for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman between 2000 and 2005, was nominated on 27 March as a candidate in this year’s general election. 

On 5 April, however, the Elections Office advised that he was not qualified to stand for election under the Constitution that came into effect in November 2009. The section cited effectively disqualifies anyone who has been convicted in any court in any country of an offence involving dishonesty. 

Martin was convicted in 2008 of obtaining property by deception. 

The case against him last week was presented by Crown counsel Michael Snape. Defence attorney was John Furniss. 


  1. Lyndon Leathan Martin and his petty thefts are not to be reviled. The man is human, just not cut out to be a politician or representative of the people of the Cayman Islands. Obtaining money by deception, as he was judged to have done, is beyond sad. Holding money from the PTA is worse. Small potatoes. But no point belabouring the fellow when he is down. If the past is any indication, Lyndon Martin will rise again. He does have the priceless knack of silver-tongued oratory, and he now undoubtedly has great empathy for miscreants. I wish him well!

  2. Bracker, I wish him well too, but stealing from the PTA? After reading this article my only comment is this. To shake my head, when I think of some of the foolish things Caymanian men do and are still doing to please for the tricks they are offered in return.

  3. PITY? You must be joking, this guys a repeat offender. The brackers should shame him at every chance. Parents are unemployed and their children aren’t being fed at school and this guys stealing from the PTA. What a disgrace.

  4. Why would anyone steal 926 from the PTA ? Are things that bad in the Caymans that a MLA steals from the school students ? Sad times we live in !

  5. Southernboy – I agree with your sentiments but would just like to point that Mr. Martin is not and was not at the relevant time an MLA.

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