Tony’s Toys invests 
in greener technology

In an effort to prevent harmful waste products being released into the atmosphere, Tony’s Toys has purchased environmentally-friendly equipment and implemented procedures in its automotive centre, auto body and paint shop, express lube department and tyre warehouse.  

“When it comes to waste management and how we conduct our business we want to be more proactive, and environmentally conscious,” said Tony Williams, owner of Tony’s Toys. “We believe it is critical, and our responsibility to do our part as individuals and corporate citizens to take care of Cayman’s natural resources.” 

Mr. Williams has, for instance, invested special machines that are safer for the environment, as well as ensured that all his technicians are fully trained and certified in the use of the equipment by professional trainers, who he brings in from the United States.  

One of these technologies is a brake-washing machine that uses biodegradable fluid to wash and clean braking systems, and these fluids can be disposed of in a way that is less harmful to the environment. Another apparatus is a brake fluid replacement machine that keeps contaminated, old and/or used brake fluid contained within the machine, which minimises the technician’s exposure to the corrosive liquid and limits the harm to the environment. In the past, Tony’s Toys, like other garages, traditionally used break fluids in aerosol cans, which causes harmful emissions into the atmosphere, Mr. Williams said. Along with being environmentally friendly, this process is also safer for technicians as they no longer inhale harsh gases, the company said.  

Tony’s Toys Auto Body and Paint Shop also employs a paint booth which removes the air borne particles of paint before they can be released into the atmosphere. In addition, Mr. Williams stores old engine and transmission oil in tanks, which he sends off to the US to be recycled. All of his employees are trained in oil spill control and waste disposal by Castrol Inc., of which Tony’s Toys is the exclusive distributor.  

“Most people don’t think of a garage shop as environmentally friendly, but we try to set an example. A lot of garages are dirty places where any number of fluids and contaminants are floating around polluting the air, and creating a hazardous environment but we strive to be diligent when it comes to containing our oils and the disposal of our waste fluids.”  

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