Sexual assault after Batabano

Detectives are investigating reports of a serious sexual assault in the aftermath of the Batabano parade on Saturday.

The alleged victim was found walking along Crewe Road in a distressed state just before 10pm on Saturday, police said in a statement on Monday.

“George Town detectives have launched an investigation after a woman reported that she had been the victim of a serious sexual assault on Saturday.

“About 9.45pm on Saturday, 4 May, police received a report that a woman had been found walking along Crewe Road, between the Minimart and Ryan’s Road. The woman was distressed and stated that she had been sexually assaulted,” the police statement read.

The victim was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town and was subsequently released.

“Details of what took place are unclear at this time. However, officers have been able to establish that the victim attended the Batabano parade on Saturday afternoon and then visited a waterfront bar.

“Police enquiries are ongoing and detectives wish to speak to anyone who may have seen the woman walking along Crewe Road on Saturday evening, or any vehicles dropping off a woman around the relevant time in the area,” police said.

Anyone with information can call George Town police station on 949-4222, the RCIPS tip-line on 949-7777 or Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).



  1. Was this woman seen at the bar drinking with anyone. I keep saying it alcohol, alcohol, oh that dangerous drug alcohol. I will make you tweet like a banana bird and soar like an eagle. Ever heard a weed man rape anyone yet? You could have been in a birth suit, and he would say Daughta go put on some clothes Not touching ya.
    I do hope the police get to the bottom of this because we have all sorts of weirdo’s running around the place and do not even know who they are.

  2. Hunter I believe you missed the point.. A woman was raped regardless of the circumstances; what state of dress she was in, what the abuser had to drink/smoke! It means that there is a man out there that has inflicted pain, both physical mental, on woman without her consent.. The more details the police can give the better chance he can be caught.. How are those cc’tv cameras working these days? Our sympathy goes out to the victim here…

  3. @ Hunter

    How, why and what are not the issues. A woman was assaulted and that’s it. You make it sound like its her fault for visiting a bar. On a side note, do you ever look at the comments regarding your submissions. There’s a message there.

  4. @Hunter – your comments are ill judged –

    1) Sure alcohol abuse is more likely to lead to violence than weed BUT there are still plenty of cases of Weed use involved in violent/sexual assaults.

    2)The chances are that the person or persons who are alleged to have committed this act are not weirdos that will stand out to the police or anyone. No, they will be ‘regular’ guys from within a regular community with plenty of female family members of their own. Maybe they will justify their behavior based on the fact that they were brought up thinking that just because they see a women drinking or even drunk in a bar then the law no longer applies to them or her.

    It’s 2013 Hunter, not the stone age!

  5. I agree with Hunter’s point about Weed vs Achohol drunk people are far more likly to commit violent crimes than people high on Weed. I don’t think he meant to imply that she was at all at fault, I think he just picked the wrong forum to voice his opinion about it..

  6. I hope that Hunter will one day meet a relative of one of these assaulted women, who will physically explain to him what assault means to such a victim.
    Best go back into your cave, Hunter.

  7. Old Hand I will first respond to your comments, and that is to say, that what you do not know is much bigger than you. Yes I have met many persons who have been sexually assaulted and for your information these cases are the ones hardest to prove in a court of law. Ask the police.
    To the other comments, it seems as if most of you think my comments were blaming the woman for being at a bar. I guess I am going to have to arrange my words the English way to be understood better.
    What I was really trying to imply, when I asked if the woman was seen drinking with anyone at the bar, is that may be one of the very persons who assaulted her, or was it a case that someone followed her outside and gave her a lift. I am sure she would be able to give a good description of the person, considering how the circumstances occurred.
    Referring to Alcohol, Most rape cases that were proved in court showed that alcohol played a BIG part, as opposed if anyone can safely comment on here of a weed man ever raping anyone. So people please do not be mixed before you comment. Focus.

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