Esterley Tibbetts nears finish within weeks

Final connections linking the Esterley Tibbetts Highway Extension to West Bay’s Willie Farringdon Drive and Batabano Road will be completed within weeks, while new equipment arrivals mark the start of Public Beach upgrades. 

Fresh photos from Dart Realty’s West Bay Road project indicate imminent completion of the highway portion of the $32.5 million reconstruction in the area, bringing to a close, for all practical purposes, two years of effort by local activists to halt closure of 4,290 feet of the beachfront thoroughfare. 

With not more than 50 yards separating the new junction of Willie Farringdon Drive and the new Reverend Blackman link, and the similar intersection at Batabano Road, just shy of Morgan’s Harbour, essential construction is complete on Phase Two, the last roadworks section. 

“Construction is progressing well,” according to Dart Realty, saying that kerbing, utility installation and asphalt paving was under way, “in expectation of Phase Two works being finished this quarter.” 

The start of traffic awaits formal gazettal by government, likely to be delayed until after 22 May elections, although no schedule has been set.  

Government gazetted the initial phase of the project, including Governor’s Way to the Yacht Drive Roundabout, and shutting 1,564 feet of West Bay Road from Harbour Heights, past the now-razed Courtyard Marriott Hotel to Raleigh Quay, on 13 March, ending vehicular traffic. 

A series of pedestrian and bike paths will replace the closed road, and encompassing the 1,012 foot “Resident Access Road”, serving the beachfront properties north of Yacht Club Drive. 

On Friday, Grand Court Justice Charles Quin rejected an application for Judicial Review of the project, essentially calling the motion too little too late, and lamenting the legal and contractual complexities that would ensue were the motion to be granted. 

Still before the Grand Court is a 25 February Writ of Summons, filed by West Bay activists led head of the Concerned Citizens Group Alice Mae Coe. 

Repeated efforts to reach Ms Coe for comment on Tuesday proved fruitless. 


  1. This is one of the most beautiful piece of works ever seen done in the Cayman Islands. Does anyone really think that the government would have built this in their life time. Think about all the other businesses that have been in Cayman for more than 30 years. Made millions of dollars and have not given a scholarship, put down a park, Caymanians could not even get to the beach, could not sit on the beach, could not take their children to swim in front of the premises, could not even eat at the restaurants, walk on their side walk, and the list could go on. Thank you Dart Foundation for a road well built, so beautiful it looks like Miami or some other place. Thank you for your investments in the Cayman Islands, and to the people I say support Caymana Bay. I know that when the beach is finished it is going to be one of the best in the world. I just cannot wait to relax there on the weekends.

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