Amazing Alfredo

Meet Alfredo. This handsome fellow comes from East End.  

When we first met him he had experienced some hard times and weighed a mere 34 pounds.  

With some loving care he now tops the scale at a healthy 65 pounds.  

He loves to play and has been trained by Ken Morgan, Cayman’s own “dog whisperer.” Alfredo wants nothing more than to please his new hero – YOU!  

Open your heart and your home to this exceptionally attentive senior fellow who needs your help to give him the loving home that he so deserves. 

PAWS is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to relieve the suffering of animals in need of care and attention and to provide financial assistance for spay and neuter. 

PAWS was founded in June 2010 by four animal lovers who reside in the Eastern districts and felt the need for more support to animals and animal owners in that district.  

Two of these members have over 20 years experience in animal welfare. 


For more information please contact PAWS (Protection of animal welfare society ) on 916 3957. or either 916-1731 

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