Little Magic tell us all about balloons, bands and musical animals

This week we decided to drink a lot of rum and then ask Little Magic – which plays Live on the Paseo on Friday, 10 May, at 7pm – some questions. It was fun. 


Why is May still called ‘may’? Surely they should have a more firmed up title by now? 

I think its called that for “May we have 3 more months of cool weather please?” 


Which is the most musical animal and why? 

An elephant’s always got his own trumpet, but mockingbirds are really great at improvising – Hmm, I guess each animal makes their own kind of music. Not sure of which is most musical, but I’d say snails and slugs are least musical. 


If the world stopped moving entirely, what would happen? 

It stops every time I look at my lady and it’s wonderful, actually. Not sure what would happen but the music carries on.  


What’s the biggest amount of food your 
band could eat in one sitting? 

More – especially homemade curry chicken or a fish fry. 

How many balloons would it take to get the entire town of Camana Bay to float four feet off the ground? And why would anyone want to do this anyway? 

I think you could use just one – one really, really, really big balloon. Why? Why not?! Where do you come up with this stuff, Weekender?! 


Oh, and any new band news? 

Well, first I’d like to report that Cayman Music is alive and well.  

Little Magic is staying busy and developing new originals, which you’ll hear some of on 10 May. We’re working with Miss Bre, a fantastic singer/ songwriter who’s really adding a new element to the music and we’re looking forward to Friday’s show. People sipping wine at West Indies Wine Company, chilling and dancing to our music – at an awesome outdoor venue – is a great way to spend a Friday night! 

Also, don’t forget to check out Little Magic Duo Mondays at Bar Jack, Ritz Beach, 6 to 9pm – it’s a great sunset spot to help start the week right! Peace. 


You can catch Little Magic Live on the Paseo, Camana Bay on Friday, 10 May from 7 to 10pm. Free entry.