Get inspired by opera at Music on the Menu

The ongoing Music on the Menu series brings the arts to the people. 

That’s the music part sorted – the menu bit comes in when you add to the mix the fact that these top performers do their thing and then lucky punters get to scoff some quality food immediately afterwards. 

The next event is on Thursday, 23 May at Luca and starts at 6.30pm with cocktails and canapes, followed by a performance at 7.30pm. 

This time around, it’s soprano Georgina Gatto and Glen Inanga presenting a programme called Operatic Inspirations, described as a Top of the Pops journey combining selected arias from well-known operas with musical theatre hits to entertain and inspire. Can’t be bad, can it? 

“This evening will perhaps be our very first in the series featuring so many operatic repertoire highlights sung by the very talented resident soprano, Georgina Gatto,” Glen tells Weekender. 

“In addition, she has prepared some other popular musical theatre songs to add variety to the programme. I will also be playing a couple of solos on the piano. 

“The programme promises to be highly entertaining. Quite a treat.” 

Music on the Menu is also all about raising funds to assist our talented upcoming singers in the Cayman Youth Choir, which is completely funded by Cayman Arts Festival events and sponsors. 

The choir was established in 2010 with its first performance at the Youth2Youth event when the choir sang Hallelujah Chorus with the visiting orchestra from Jamaica. 

Since then, Cayman Youth Choir has performed at a number of Cayman Arts Festival events, including Music on the Menu at the Ritz Carlton, First Baptist Church and Pedro Castle. In addition, Cayman Youth Choir has participated at the Pink Ladies annual Xmas fair, and Camana Bay tree lighting. 

The current conductor is Nicky White, who says that working with the youth choir has been great. 

“We already have a core of talented youngsters who are making a fantastic sound; they always turn up ready to work hard and with bags of enthusiasm.”
As well as the sheer enjoyment of making music, Nicky explains, there’s a lot more that the kids can gain from being part of the choir. 

“The experience of performing is an education itself: performing for others, and the ability to get up on stage, is an important life skill, as it builds confidence and self-reliance. Even preparing for the performance enhances teamwork skills and discipline, alongside patience and focus to succeed.”
The choir, she says, is open to all and more singers are very welcome. 

“! We’re always on the look-out for able musicians and those with a passion for music. Gene Welch from Cayman International School has been really helpful in trying to recruit members from the schools and our attitude is the more, the merrier!”
Singers just need to turn up to the rehearsals, which take place at Cayman Prep School on Smith Road every Monday from 6pm to 7pm 

“At the moment there is no audition process, so our doors are open to all between the ages of 11 and 16,” explains the conductor. 

In the meantime, we can all help by getting hold of a ticket to this event and subsequent ones like it. 


Call 929-8663 or email 
[email protected] 
for more information.  

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