Victim searches for robber, then calls police

Royal Cayman Islands Police are searching for an armed robber after a hold up in the predawn hours of Saturday in George Town.

Police responded to an apartment on Keturah Street around 3.30am Saturday after a robbery was reported. Officers spoke with the victim who said he was robbed of his jewellery at gunpoint by a lone suspect.

The robber then ran away from the location on foot.
Police said the victim searched for the gunman with help from another person, but didn’t find any sign of his attacker. He then called 911 and reported the incident.

No shots were fired and no one was injured.

The robbery suspect is described as about 6’ tall and thin, with a dark brown complexion. He was wearing a dark gray t-shirt and a saggy blue jeans. He had a black t-shirt covering his head during the robbery.

Armed robbery


  1. I do hope the Customs are the airports are looking out for jewelry leaving the Island. The police and customs need to search the container boat for three bright blue barrels stolen from a residence in Look out Gardens and they are loaded with all sorts of stolen property. These Bright blue barrels were purchased in Miami and they do not have them here, so they will be easy to identify. Now lets see if they will be taken out of the container on the boat and searched.

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