Editorial for 22 May: Make your vote count today

If you are a registered and eligible voter in the Cayman
Islands, you have a chance today to help make history.

Voting polls open at 7am and close at 6pm, giving you 11
hours to take 10 minutes out of your life to help plot the course of the future
of this country.

We’re hoping by now that voters have done their homework on
the candidates and they have made their decisions. If not, there is a lot of
information on the cayCompass.com election website to help them make up their
minds, including video interviews with the candidates, archived news articles
about the candidates and the issues and much more.

Most importantly, we urge registered electors to get out and

It is also important that voters take care in marking their
ballots so that their vote is not wasted. If voters have questions, they need
to ask election officials at their polling place.

As for the large non-voting contingent of residents in the
Cayman Islands – whether they are non-registered Caymanians or non-Caymanians –
the election will have just as much impact on them as the people casting votes.

It might seem unnecessary to some non-voters for election
day to be a public holiday or for there to be no sales of alcohol while the
polls are open, but this is a reflection of the importance the Caymanian
society puts on the single most vital aspect of a democratic society.

We urge all business owners who have registered voters on
duty today to allow them ample time to go to their required polling station. At
the same time, we urge voters to not abuse the cooperativeness of their
employers by voting before they come to work – or afterward – if at all possible.

For those following the election, we invite you to visit the
cayCompass.com election website where we will continually update election

It is our prayer that whatever the outcome of today’s
election, the people chosen to lead this country during the next four years
will do what is needed to improve our standing on the local and global


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