Careers day inspires youngsters

Children at the George Town Primary were treated to a special Career’s Day on Thursday, 16 May.

As part of the day, the children were exposed to various professions via representatives from those areas who came in to speak to the class. The youngsters also dressed in the apparel of their chosen profession.

Some of the different interests represented on the day included a nurse, accountants, police officers and a trust officer.

Grade Four Teacher Mrs. Anderson noted that the inspiration for the day was, “I noticed that they were losing interest and were mostly being influenced by television. Many wanted to be dancers and rappers and such, which is fine, but I wanted to expose them to the fulfilment and satisfaction that can be found in careers that are just as exciting and challenging in their own right.”

After the class was over, the Year 4 students went on to their Year two counterparts to tell them about their profession and relay what they had been taught by the respective professionals.