Editorial for 24 May: Vote was a call for change

There were some anxious and tense moments Wednesday night,
but as the sun rose on the Cayman Islands on Thursday, it became clear – the
voters of this country have demanded change.

It appears that Alden McLaughlin will be our next premier.

While the voters have put a political party in charge,
almost, they sent a clear message that they aren’t totally endeared by party

While it was a given that independents would be approved in
the eastern districts, voters in George Town and West Bay sent a resounding
message by putting into office independent candidates.

The PPM will now have to work with those independents to
form a solid government in the Cayman Islands.

One of those independents – likely the member from North
Side, Ezzard Miller – could be pegged to be Speaker of the House.

Whatever the makeup of the new government, it has to be
inclusive of all. Mr. McLaughlin was right when he said Thursday morning that
the Cayman Islands doesn’t need any more division and disunity.

Roy McTaggart and Winston Connolly, both independent
candidates linked to the Coalition for Cayman, have said they would stick to
their campaign promises and not work in a Cabinet led by Mr. McLaughlin.

While that is unfortunate, the two have said they would do
everything they can to provide constructive leadership from the opposition

It is time for everyone in this country to pull together to
fix Cayman.

We need to get above the fray of allegations of corruption
and mismanagement of the country’s finances and restore Cayman’s reputation as
a good, solid place to invest and do business.

We congratulate all candidates who ran for this election and
thank those who brought to our attention important issues and their proposed
solutions. Many good ideas were put on the table and it is hoped that the new
government will take some of these on board. To those who were successful in
Wednesday’s election, we expect great things from you during the next four




  1. Truth be told – the only independent candidates that were elected came from the single member districts of North Side and East End.

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