Congratulations to Wednesday winners

I wish to publicly send my condolences to the family, friends and supporters of the late Honourable Edna Moyle, a past speaker of our Legislative Assembly and founding member of the Progressives.

It is unfortunate that she died before her party’s victory at the polls on May 22nd, but I am sure that her faith in God and the leader of her party was stern enough for her to have known the result before all of us.

I have no problem at all with congratulating the voters of our country for the decision they made at the polls, although I certainly would liked to have been one of those chosen. In particular, I thank those few but wise voters who demonstrated confidence in my intelligence by giving me the votes. And I say to them, whether in or out of Parliament from West Bay to East End, rest assured that I will not back down from by belief that the challenges that face our nation are systemic and can only be addressed if our society develops a tolerance for real constructive analysis and debates.

I have stated more than often that our social ills are the consequence of our long neglected willingness to define our own unique identity as a people and to employ an understanding of self and nation in the cause of democratic, social and economic advancements.

On the campaign trail I heard no candidate address the real serious ills of our community. I only heard promises of a better utopia. I heard none talk about revenue raising measures, or of the fact that our outdated system of indirect taxation has smothered Caymanian entrepreneurship, self-help and self-improvement; three things that our nation needs to survive.

More importantly than the type of inward investment that enslaves our government and discriminates against our people, leadership needs and must demand self-consciousness and self-responsibility among our people.

My struggle to bring clarity of consciousness in my native land has been a long one. But I am moved by my love of my people and the joy of knowing that I have never competed as a politician but as a freedom fighter. My education has never been seen as an asset by my people and the governments they have elected since 1977, but the value of my contributions will be measured not by what I polled on May 22nd, 2013, but by what I have said and done in these last 30-odd years.

Joshua my son, you must keep your head up high! For nowhere in history is there an example of courage, conscience and determination not being accepted as qualities of great leadership. Thus, if you must wait on history to absorb your father’s faults and failures then keep the faith and do the distance. And although we might know the faith, we never know how long the distance will be. So, thanks Joshua for your voice and support and for your standing up to your friends and their parents to defend your father on his stands on the obvious need for direct taxation in the Cayman Islands.

Son, time is longer than rope, and clearly your father will be judged one day by an enlightened, self-conscious and affirmative Caymanian people. And with God’s blessing Joshua, you will understand why certain things can only be said from the mountain top. Hold your head high Joshua, look only up towards the mountain top and be proud in the face of your father’s material defeats. God and God alone know why he sent you to me so late in my life but to me you are the fruit of my struggles. You are the crown for my faith, conscience, endurances and determination in the midst of adversities.

Frank McField

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