Editorial for 27 May: Government begins to form

 For the first time in history it appears the Sister Islands
are finally going to get a say in how the government of the Cayman Islands is

Progressives leader Alden McLaughlin announced Saturday that
his party has picked Sister Islands representative and former premier for a
little more than five months Juliana O’Connor-Connolly to be the Speaker of the
House. She will be picking up the role from some excellent speakers including
Sybil Ione McLaughlin, the first speaker, and Edna Marie Moyle, who passed away
on the eve of this year’s election. She has some big shoes to fill and we wish
her well.

Mr. McLaughlin also announced that Moses Kirkconnell will be
his deputy premier, which puts Mr. Kirkconnell in a direct leadership role
whenever Mr. McLaughlin is not in the country or is unable to perform his
duties as premier.

Residents of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac have long
complained that they aren’t adequately represented in the actual running of the
government of the Cayman Islands and, in fact, resent being called the Sister
Islands because they don’t feel included in the workings of government in Grand

With the inclusion of the two members from Little and Brac,
that thinking should change.

The new government is slated to be sworn in on Wednesday. We
wish them Godspeed.

Once they take their positions in government we hope that
our new lawmakers begin addressing some of the major issues pressing in the
Cayman Islands.

What will this group do with the over flowing landfill in
George Town? It must be addressed in this term of government. The issue has
been allowed to fester far too long.

How will this new government work with Dart? Everyone will
be anxiously watching. There are projects government bargained with Dart to
complete. They must be done without breaking contracts, which could end up in
costly lawsuits that government, frankly, cannot afford.

The budget must also be addressed. The people of this
country voted for change. Now it’s time to see the results.



  1. The Speaker, once in office, is not repeat not a member of the Government. That’s the whole point of the office, to be independent and impartial.

  2. In light of the fact that the outgoing premier is the second elected member from CB and was deputy premier under the UDP administration for 3 1/2 years before that I really don’t understand the first paragraph. Back in the 1990s our second Speaker was Capt. Mabry Kirkconnell, also an elected representative from the Brac.

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