Gun found in luggage at airport

The Customs Department has revealed it is investigating the case of a 23-year-old Caymanian woman who allegedly brought a handgun into Cayman in her luggage last month.

Customs officers arrested the woman at Owen Roberts International Airport on 20 May after she arrived in Grand Cayman on a flight from Miami, Assistant Collector of Customs Trevor Williams said.

She was held on suspicion of importation and possession of an unlicensed firearm and accessories.

“The investigation is ongoing,” said Mr. Williams, adding that officers are looking into whether anyone else is involved and also liaising with authorities in Miami.

According to the Cayman Islands Customs Department, the woman had been selected for her baggage to be X-rayed. During the X-ray of her luggage, an object that appeared to be a firearm part was found.

When customs officers searched her bag, they found firearm parts that, when assembled revealed a completed .45-calibre handgun, along with a gun holster, rifle scope and a firearm cleaning kit.

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Mr. Williams said the woman has been released on bail and remains in the Cayman Islands. She has not been charged.

The importation of illegal firearms and ammunition can result in fines of $100,000 and imprisonment for 20 years.


Owen Roberts International Airport PHOTO: File
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  1. Posters, Posters, Why can’t we appreciate and understand that a person is innocent until proven guilty? If she is not guilty and pose no danger to the public, will not destroy evidence,will not interfere with witnesses etc she is entitled to bail. She is a Caymanian, she lives here. She is entitled under the Human Rights provisions to bail like any other person

  2. If she has a roach, she would be locked away in Fairbanks and the keys thrown away by now. Cayman Laws are weird and lax!!

    Look at what they did to that Primary school teacher a few years back..they RUINED his life because they found a roach in a pack of cigarettes that he later proved was NOT his.

    Even after it was proved that his DNA was not on the roach they still messed up his life and financially ruined him and his young family.

    Released and not charged…the gun was found in pieces, which means she was trying to conceal it…what other reason would she have for disassembling it?


  3. Befuddled and Steve D. I agree with every word you have said, and now to comment on the words of Mr Islander, have you gone CoCo NUTS. Of course she is a CAYMANIAN, an of course having a gun is considered DANGEROUS TO THE PUBLIC. What do you think a gun is?
    You people need to stop encouraging wrong doing in this country, and making a person believe that they can bring a gun into this island concealed broken down in pieces, and to think that it should not be a worry to the residents of the island. Where have you been when people were getting shot every day some years ago. Shame on you to defend.

  4. People who read the comments on stories like this get a sense of what Cayman is like.
    Fortunately, we know that the majority of Caymanians, unlike those who expose their ignorance here, are intelligent and thoughtful.

    Mr Islander is quite right. The police MUST charge once they have sufficient evidence to charge. If they do not have sufficient evidence then they have to investigate properly and thoroughly to get whatever evidence they can.

    So, if they do not have sufficient evidence to charge, the law (Caymanian Law) says she must be released. No, she doesn’t get the property back – that is part of the evidence. But she is not guilty of anything.

  5. Mr.Islander – All of your ‘ifs’ serve only to highlight the fact that there is a serious risk that she is guilty, does pose a danger to the public, will destroy evidence, will interfere with witnesses etc.

    This is a very serious matter. In all the circumstances it sounds insane to have released her on bail.

  6. If she is found guilty we have to throw the book at her! I don’t know what is wrong with our youth of today but they are so brazen thinking they can just walk off a plane with a gun(not to mention a holster and firearm cleaning kit and obviously she has other guns or knows someone who has a gun since she is bringing a rifle scope in). We must make an example of her so the next time someone wants to try to smuggle a gun into our beautiful country they will think twice and not do it! Look what happened in Santa Monica yesterday!