McTaggart joins government


Independent legislator Roy McTaggart has joined the People’s Progressive Movement’s government after being appointed a councillor for the ministries of finance and financial services.

Premier Alden McLaughlin announced Thursday that Mr. McTaggart, the former managing partner* of KPMG, would be putting his expertise in the financial services industry to work supporting finance minister Marco Archer and financial services minister Wayne Panton.

“Mr. McTaggart has said that after careful consideration, in the face of the threats to the Cayman Islands’ financial stability from a new round of tax compliance regulations and the challenges which the country faces with respect to its finances, he believed his professional experience would be better employed in a proactive way from the Government benches. He looks forward to serving the country and his constituents in this new capacity and remains committed to the role of independents within the government,” Mr. McLaughlin said.

The decision by Mr. McTaggart, a Coalition for Cayman-backed independent legislator, to join the government benches impacts the composition of the Public Accounts Committee, of which he was appointed chairman last week. Currently, the committee consists of four government members, including Mr. McTaggart, and one opposition member, McKeeva Bush.

Mr. McLaughlin said the committee’s membership would have to be changed “to ensure proper balance” and that steps to change the committee’s composition would be taken at the next Legislative Assembly meeting. Typically, the committee has a majority of opposition members with the chairman usually chosen from among the opposition benches.

With Mr. McTaggart’s move, there are now 13 government members, including Speaker of the House Juliana O’Connor-Connolly who joined the PPM last month following the general election, and five opposition lawmakers in the 18-member Legislative Assembly.

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Editor’s note: This story has been corrected from the original.


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  1. Know what I would like to say; is give everybody a chance. Ok there is a mixture of PPM, UDP, C4C, CNA, and Independent. Five different representatives in the Mix. Each one of us may have our own choice, but my suggestion is that at this moment we give them all a chance and see how they work together. If they do not, then we definitely know it is not for the best interest of the people. Election is over, so I say give everyone the chance to do what is right, but let us hope that they will not be foot dragging and putting off matters of interest to this country and its people. Deal with them expeditiously . Do not leave for tomorrow, what can be done today. that has been the problem with the two previous governments.

  2. #JustSaying SMH, comes as no surprise to me. How can he say one thing when campaigning and do something else now that he is elected?

    Roy needs/wants to have a powerful political voice, and as the saying goes if you cannot beat them, you must join them.

    Put country first, be mindful this is all still very fresh and new and we are watching!!

  3. I congratulate Mr. McTaggart for taking this step offer his expertise to the govt. We need all hands on deck. However, at the same time I don’t think that it is desirable for the Chairman of the Committee to sit on the govt. backbench and so there may need to be a change in that respect which would unfortunately weaken the PAC.

    Editor – It is not correct that ‘typically, the committee has a majority of opposition members’. In 2005-2009 the PAC comprised a majority of PPM govt. members, while in 2009-13 it comprised a majority of UDP govt. members. Opposition control of the PAC is not typical either in the UK or other Overseas Territorie.

  4. Precisely, the previous Governments were somewhat the Problem, one worst than the other! The real problem at present; one of those Governments are back for 4 more Years! Good luck!
    Hopefully some did learn their lessons and work bi-partisan for the good of and best for the Country and it’s Citizens!

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