Lee plans to keep shooters busy

Netballers should stay limber over the summer months. 

Technical director for Cayman netball Gillian Lee recently said at least two competitions, one of which being brand new, will be scheduled over the next six months. 

“I want to thank you all for my first 12 months here in Cayman,” Lee said. “In the coming months, we in the association plan to have a number of competitions. We’ll do the mixed league again, a Fast Netters competition and another senior league between January and May 2014.” 

Lee made those remarks at the annual awards ceremony for the Cayman Islands Netball Association’s 2013 High School and Open League. The Fast Netters initiative is new and early indications are it will focus on building offensive skills. The mixed league has been around for a number of years and returned in 2012 after a brief hiatus.  

Heading into 2013, the top sides are last year’s winners Rising Stars, behind Collin Anglin, the Blazers, who marched through the regular season unbeaten behind Gavin Watts and Stay Alive, the consolation winners who featured Ovaine Monteith. 

Among the teams looking forward to those competitions, especially the next Open League, is the Optimists. The squad competed in Division Three, finishing second in its inaugural season. Captain and star shooter Milaney Dunn Garwood said her ladies are feeling confident heading into the offseason. 

“The season went well as we led all the way at No. 1 in our division until the finals,” Dunn Garwood said. “We are a new team and I have to say we did well entering this year’s competition as a new team and being optimistic. I have to thank all the team players for always playing their best game and never backing down to any challenge or team.  

“We will definitely be entering the next season with a team that will shock the netball competition. This season, we did not have a coach and so we depended on reading netball materials and coaching ourselves. So, no doubt, next season we will be very equipped.” 

Finishing ahead of the Optimists would be the Ernst and Young Hot Shots. It was a renaissance season for the Hot Shots, who had an abysmal record in the 2012 campaign. For coach Karen Scott, the focus is on facing elite players. 

“It was an edge of the seat competition and as the underdogs, it was great to defy the odds and win,” Scott said. “Optimists are fierce competitors and I know it is disappointing for them to lose. We wish them well for next season. We are very excited about going up to the Plate Division next year. That is where the real work will truly begin. 

“I would like to thank Ernst and Young for its tremendous, ongoing commitment and support throughout the life of the club. Their continuing sponsorship makes the development of the team and the club that much easier.  

“The Hot Shots are a great bunch of ladies, have great sideline supporters and a management team that enable me to do the job of coach with very little distraction. I am extremely proud of everyone in the team and almost shed a tear at the end of the final when we won. 

“Finally, I wish to thank Gillian, the Cayman netball committee and the officials for all their hard work in continuing to grow and develop Cayman Islands netball.” 


Mixed league action will resume shortly. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES

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