Humane Society garage sale success

A recent mega-garage sale held by DMS Gives Back Committee raised a total of $3,500 for the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

The amount raised on the day actually totalled $1,750, which was matched by the organisers at DMS at the event, held on Saturday, 8 June, in Kirk Market car park. Coffee and doughnuts were on sale, plus an “adoption lotto” where small numbered plush cats and dogs were available for sale for $5 each. Every plush animal’s number corresponded with a random prize.

It was all luck of the draw but every toy was a winner, from lollipops to a Digicel BlackBerry Curve handset to the grand prize – a three-night stay at Grandview Condos. There were also Stingray City trips, kitchen decor and gear and underwater prints. Kirk Market matched the purchase of doughnuts for sale, said organisers, who noted that there had been 38 registered sellers that donated $25 each in order to participate.

Janette Fitzgerald, retail director of the Cayman Islands Humane Society, tells us the morning was a great success.

“Humane Society was overwhelmed by the community support and donations dropped off to them during and after the sale that they will be able to sell in their Thrift/Book Shop,” she explains.

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