Two weeks of Caribbean films

Every year thousands of films are made outside major film studios. Many of these films never receive widespread distribution, and often cannot be viewed online either. This does not mean these films are not worth seeing, however.  

Every filmmaker has a story to tell and these films can often educate, enlighten and inspire viewers.  

The “Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase” makes the work of filmmakers from the Caribbean available to the general public. The CNCF is organising the film showcase in Cayman for the sixth year this year.  

Over the course of two weeks, between 18 and 29 June, more than 50 films of varying lengths will be shown.  

The films are diverse and include children’s animation films, documentaries, short films and feature length fictional films.  

Many explore topics that are often considered taboo – social injustice, discrimination, prostitution, AIDS and absent parents.  

Created by filmmakers across the Caribbean from Cuba and Venezuela to Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe, many of the films provide an insight into the region’s history and culture.  

All films will be shown at the studio in the FJ Harquail Cultural Centre.  

Screenings begin at 6pm and various films will be shown each night, with a few minutes break in between, until 10pm. Children’s films will be shown on Saturday morning.  

The second week of the showcase will be a “Caribbean Nations Showcase”, and the best films from various showcases will be screened, with each night representing a different country or countries.  

A full programme, including synopses of the movies can be viewed and downloaded on the CNCF website: 

The studio has seating for 75, so for those wishing to see specific films, advance ticket purchase is recommended.  

Tickets are $5 per evening and can be purchased from the front desk at the FJ Harquail Cultural Centre. Hurley’s and Fruta are supporting the event, so customers who purchase two Fruta beverages from Hurley’s will receive two VIP tickets.  

For those who may have missed a screening, or would like to arrange a private viewing for a group, films can also be rented, and viewed at the Studio. 


For more information, contact CNCF at 949-5477. 


For two weeks the public will have the opportunity to see a wide variety fo Caribbean-made films. – Photo: File

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