World’s finest will breeze over as Mora hits the heights

Local kiteboarding enthusiasts will soon be able to enjoy an international competition in the Cayman Islands.  

Following on from the recent tremendous successes of Cayman-based kite surfing professional, Jhon Mora, head instructor at Kitesurf Cayman, the Cayman Islands will establish itself internationally with the launch of Cayman’s four-day kitesurfing championship. 

The Rock International Open will be held from 12-16 February, 2014. 

Local kitesurfing hero Mora recently competed in the 2013 Kiteboard Racing North American Championship at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, gaining 14th place out of 78.  

The 31-year-old Colombian then competed in Bonaire in the South and Middle American Course Racing Championships and featured prominently in all races over the four days and was delighted with his positioning. With the added incentive of competing in Cayman, Mora is confident he will be amongst the top finishers.  

“Grand Cayman has now started to be recognised on the International Kiteboarding Association circuit. It feels very cool,” Mora said.  

As a result of the buzz this extreme sport has created among local enthusiasts, some of the world’s top kitesurfers are planning to compete and the excitement locally is mounting.  

Derek Serpell is the tournament’s organiser and an avid kitesurfer. He said: “As the sport grows in popularity in Cayman in parallel with the growing appetite for kitesurfing internationally, we thought the Cayman Islands should host its very own championship.  

“We have already seen considerable excitement generated by this event locally and it’s gaining traction abroad as well.  

“This is great news for the sport here in Cayman and the Island as a whole, as we seek to expand and promote sports tourism in the Cayman Islands.” 


Jhon Mora is organising Cayman’s first kite boarding tournament for February. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD


  1. The Cayman Islands seem like an amazing place for kiteboarding, with the consistent trade winds and super warm waters! I would make sure my board is equipped with traction pads before I traveled there with the warm waters, wax would melt right off the board!