PACErs garner charities $34,000


The Lions Club of Grand Cayman Prostate and Colon Cancer Event was a success. More and more men are coming out to educate themselves on the effects and possible prevention of diseases that affect men health. 

“Men are coming out asking questions and wanting to get tested, which is quite good. This means that the education and awareness campaign on prostate and colon cancer is working,” said Lions Chair Alfonso Wright. 

This year, he said, over 50 people participated in the event. 

The Lions Club of Grand Cayman members said the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and HospiceCare were the best places to manage the money and to help those that needed helping.  

“The efforts of PACE awareness campaign are paying off since we started the event two years ago, which has become an annual event and every year we will work on improving it,” he said. 

There are some changes planned for next year, said Mr. Wright, as he expressed appreciation to the public and all the sponsors that participated in the event. 

Cayman Islands HospiceCare and the Cancer Society are also extremely grateful for the donations from the Lions Club of Grand Cayman.  

On Wednesday in front of Radio Cayman, Lions members presented $23,000 to the Cancer Society and $11,500 to HospiceCare. The proceeds were from monies raised during PACE prostate and colon cancer run/walk event.  

“HospiceCare was extremely grateful to be asked to participate in the event for the past two years,” said Jennifer Grant McCarthy, fundraising manger. “We are grateful to the group of people who worked to bring it together and helped to promote it. The money will go to continuing free services to Hospice patients and families.” 


HospiceCare Jennifer Grant McCarthy receives $11,500 from Lions Club of Grand Cayman members. This was 25 per cent of the proceeds from the PACE prostate and colon walk/run. – Photo: Jewel Levy