Message from the publishers On reimbursing Cayman Box Office ticketholders

For weeks before the evening of Friday, July 12, local media, including the Caymanian Compass, promoted vigorously Cayman’s first so-called “Rock & Reggae Music Festival” at Camana Bay. In fact, The Compass was one of several advertising sponsors of the event, and a “sister company” of ours, called Cayman Box Office, sold tickets (along with other sales outlets) to the affair. 

Then the rains came, accompanied by high winds, thunder, and threatening lightning. In short, as described in this newspaper, the evening was a “washout”. Concert goers, who had paid between $40 and $100 for their tickets, were left wet, confused, and in many instances, understandably angry. 

The popular feature band, Air Supply, never took to the stage, the so-called VIP seating proved to be inadequate, and it fell to one of our reporters to announce that the event was over. It was time to go home. 

The bad news, however, was not over for the audience. The concert promoters soon announced there would be no ticket refunds and, indeed, if purchasers had read the so-called “fine print” on the back of their tickets, it states clearly that the tickets were not transferable, returnable or refundable. 

We at Pinnacle Media, which recently purchased Cayman Free Press (publishers of the Caymanian Compass), know something about all print – including “fine print” – and we know that nobody reads it. It’s there to protect the seller, not the buyer. Therefore, we will be reimbursing ticketholders who bought their tickets through Cayman Box Office the full price of those tickets. 

It is not comforting to us that the arrangements to sponsor this concert and the decision to sell tickets to it through Cayman Box Office were put in place before we bought Cayman Free Press. When we acquired the company, we believe, we also acquired the responsibilities. 

Even if we have no “legal responsibility” to refund the purchase price to those who bought their tickets through Cayman Box Office (and we don’t), we believe we have a higher responsibility to the community in this regard. 

The business we’re in – the communications business and, even more importantly, the newspaper business – is built upon a bond of trust between us as publishers and you as readers. You trust us to report the news accurately and fairly, and you also trust us, presumably, to act responsibly (forget the legalities) as a good corporate citizen of these islands. 

We intend to do exactly that. 

We have already paid in full our Cayman Box Office obligations to the promoters, so, in effect, this refund will be on “our tab”. Therefore, we will contact all of our customers who purchased their tickets from Cayman Box Office and make arrangements to refund promptly their complete purchase price. 

One final word: We are closing down our Cayman Box Office business. Going forward, our resources will be focused on improving our core businesses – this newspaper, magazines, and commercial printing. 


Compass Publishers David and Vicki Legge: “Put this one on ‘our tab’.”


  1. Well done David and Vicki Legge Thank you so much for publishing my letter. I live in Jamaica and when I heard of the Rock Reggae concert featuring my favorite groups Air Supply and Third World, I immediately made arrangements to attend. My family and I stayed in West Bay and we had our VIP tickets that we bought through Cayman Box office delivered to our residence. After getting to the concert venue at 5:45pm we were very disappointed at the confusion at the main ticket gate, where workmen were still busy setting up aluminum crowd control barriers, tents and all manner of equipment. I was third in line with my family behind me and many more attendees behind them. The ticket gate finally opened and a lady and a gentleman who seemed to be a part of the shows promotional team, to their credit, apologized for the long wait. The time was now 6:45pm. I realized then that the production was going to be a disaster.
    There was a mad rush behind me after finally entering the venue as patrons literally sprinted to the VIP area and for the first 50 patrons in that area, they were the lucky ones, they actually got a chair. The others sadly had to stand or sit on their blankets on the grass.

    My family and I were seated in the front row and I soon became annoyed with the angle at which the organizers had put the 50 VIP chairs. They were placed to the side of the stage close to the bar and this left a large vacant area just to the front of the stage. Persons behind me started complaining under their breaths about the scant disregard and utter disrespect the promoters and organisers had for us in that section, I too was fuming. I proceeded to the main ticket entrance, where I politely asked the man and the woman who had earlier apologized for the late start, if they were aware of the settings in the VIP area and what could be done to correct this situation. I was told by the male that we the patrons can feel free to relocate the chairs from side stage to front stage. I went back to the VIP area where I relayed this information to my fellow patrons and we all moved forward.

    The locations of the food stands was bad, especially the Jerk chicken booth. Where it was located caused people in VIP area and the stage to be overcome with smoke as the strong wind was blowing from that direction. My recommendation is that next time they should put all booths on the other side do the grounds so the smoke can blow away from the patrons.
    To be frank I think the show was a disaster and although it ended primarily due to the rain I definitely expected a better and more organized event especially one of that calibre and the performers headlined.

    To end my letter, I would like to thank the owners or Cayman Box Office for their kind jesture in offering to refund in full the cost of the tickets they sold. As a businessman my self I can say it speaks volumes to the respect and commitment David and VIcki Legge has for their clients and although I have never met the couple, I say respect for your kind jesture from myself and all my friends and family who journeyed from Jamaica and the United States of America to attend the show.

    Well done guys.
    Paul-Anthony Henry

  2. Well done for GREAT customer service David and Vicki Legge. After reading the article relating to the refund of tickets for last weeks wash out I was leaving work to head home to collect my tickets, box office receipts and card receipts to enable my refund. However, I received a phone call from the lady at the Cayman Box Office to inform me to come and collect my refund. I explained I was just going to get my tickets to be told they were not needed and to bring I.D. To redeem the discount.
    On arriving to collect my money, I was greeted by the lady who was smiling and was very happy to issue a refund. I thanked her and asked if my thanks would be relayed up to David and Vicki. What a great company to put customer service first before making money. A rare things these days. I often see letters of complaints on different websites as we are all quick enough to complain when something isn’t right it’s only RIGHT that I comment on EXCELLENT service. What a shame Cayman Box Office will now close as I’ve purchased tickets for many events from here and now I won’t know who to go to if I buy tickets again in advance of an event. Thank you again!

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