Saxon aiming to write off Aces

Adult coed softball lovers will be back in action this week.

The Cayman Islands Little League Association is staging opening matches in its 2013 Fall Adult Coed Softball League at the Field of Dreams facility.

On Monday, 29 July, the Saxon G-Force battle UBS Aces on field three while KPMG A challenge Coors Light Chuggers on field four. On Tuesday, 30 July, Master Batters face Deloitte on field three and Phoenix Hard Hats battle A.L. Thompson’s Hammers on field four. On Wednesday, 31 July, BritCay Premiums contend with PwC B on field three, while Rhino Rebar challenge Rackam’s Crabbies on field four.

Team Dart is slated to play on Thursday, 1 August, on field three. All of those matches are scheduled for 8pm.

Early focus will be on last season’s top teams. The winter league ended in May and produced four champions in A League winners KPMG A, B League title holders Coors Light Chuggers, C League champs PwC B and D League frontrunners The Misfits.

Most of those teams have moved up a division and will be challenged to repeat their success in a smaller league. There is expected to be a total of 16 squads, with five in the A League, seven in the B League and four in the C League.