Chopped burglary suspect remanded

A burglary suspect who was struck in the head with a machete while allegedly trying to break into a house last week was denied bail and remanded to custody Wednesday after appearing in Summary Court.

Harrison Hennis McLean Jr., 28, with an address in Prospect, is charged with a residential burglary that occurred on Thursday, 25 July.

McLean, a bandage around his head, appeared before Magistrate Grace Donald on Wednesday, telling the court he could not be in any area that would be dirty. “I’m really afraid it will get infected,” he said of his injury. “I’m really 
afraid for my health.”

McLean presented a letter from the Health Services Authority saying that the wounds had to be kept clean and dry to avoid infection. He said he could not take a shower.

Crown prosecutor Marilyn Brandt said the prison would be able to get McLean treatment as needed.

Magistrate Donald said McLean should be able to keep his wounds dry with care and denied his request for bail.

During the proceeding, Ms Brandt said McLean suffered wounds to his head as a result of attempting to enter a premises through a window.

The majority of his body was inside; just one foot was outside, she said.

According to the crown prosecutor, the complainant was asleep in the bedroom when he heard the sound of breaking glass. Getting up, he took a dull machete from under his bed and went to check. He saw a man in a bending position with a concrete brick in his hand.

When the intruder saw the occupant, he raised the brick as if to throw it, the court heard. The occupant used the machete to slap the intruder and caught him in his head.

The intruder retreated and the incident continued out on the porch.

Ms Brandt said McLean turned himself in 28 July at the George Town police station.

He is scheduled to be brought back to court for another mention on 
Tuesday, 6 August.

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