Crusaders lead week eight battle

Kings Sports Centre is bracing for week eight of five-a-side football.

Its men’s summer league saw games on Monday night and has more planned later in the week. The doubleheader on Wednesday, 7 August, should be of particular intrigue as Deloitte face Cayman Free Press Buzz Crusaders at 7pm with KPMG II battling PwC at 8pm.

Kings coach/director assistant André Morgan said those matches were set up perfectly by last week’s results.

“Week seven just ended and we had some interesting match-ups,” Morgan said. “Doghouse Devils have been dethroned, though no one is sure for how long and what the end of the season will look like.

“All season, we’ve only had one team beat Cayman Buzz and since that night, that team has lost all their other games. I am sure it’s pretty obvious but I’ll say it anyway: this season should have a lot of unexpected results and whoever wins this season can boast saying they are the true champions.”

The Crusaders currently sit in first place thanks to the exploits of players like Raph Harvey, Ray Hydes and Dave McLaughlin. In second are Doghouse, who were knocked out of the unbeaten ranks by CFP. Both squads are now 5-1 with 15 points, the Crusaders have the edge in goal difference.

Wednesday’s other match pits a pair of bottom clubs. PwC, 2-4, are just seventh out of eight teams while KPMG are last at 0-6. PwC will be looking for more solid play from the likes of Simon Patterson while KPMG will lean on heroics from players like Miguel Lopez.

After CFP and Doghouse, the top teams are the Dominion Devils and Deloitte, who are both 4-3 with 12 points. Deloitte are third while the Devils are fourth due to goal difference. In fifth are 3-1-2 CML.

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