Family reunion turns to tragedy


Car accident victim Dawson Linwood had been in Grand Cayman only 12 hours. 

A 26-year-old father of four who was killed in a car accident early Saturday had arrived in Grand Cayman only 12 hours earlier to take up a job on a fishing boat. 

Dawson Linwood had planned to live with his parents and three brothers, who are long-time Cayman Islands residents, in East End.  

One of his brothers, Dilroy Linwood, 19, a graduate of John Gray High School, was also involved in the accident. His condition late Monday afternoon was described as stable, and he remained in the critical care unit. Family members said Dilroy would face a long recovery but they expect him to pull through. The teen was the driver of a blue Honda Inspire that crashed into a sea wall close to East End Primary School at 1.35am Saturday. The car was destroyed by the impact. 

Dawson, who was in the front passenger seat, was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. 

Their aunt Maggie Linwood said the large family had been celebrating a reunion only hours earlier, when Dawson arrived on a plane from the Bay Islands in Honduras. 

She said he had been determined to earn some money to help support his family in Guanaja, including four children between 8 months and 7 years old. 

“This is a big shock. We have a big, close family and this has hit hard, both here and in Honduras,” Ms Linwood said. 

She said Dawson was a loving nephew with an infectious smile who was always happy, and that the brothers were close and had been delighted to see each other. 

“It was such a joyful reunion. Dilroy was so happy to see his brother. They hadn’t seen each other for two years. 

“Dawson had decided he wanted to come here to get a better life for his family. He was coming to work on a fishing boat and earn money for his four children. He just arrived on Friday at 1pm. He was only here for 12 hours.” 

Dawson’s parents Felmon and Bilma were at the bedside of their other son, Dilroy, on Monday and were too upset to talk about the accident.  

Ms Linwood said Dawson had stopped by her house in George Town to say hello to her and his grandmother on Friday afternoon. 

“He came straight from the airport to see me and his grandmother. He was his usual happy self. You could tell him anything, he never answered back and he always had manners,” she said. 

Cousin Bonalee Linwood said the whole family had been happy to be back together on Friday afternoon. “He was so happy to see us all. He was such a sweet guy and he always had that smile on his face,” she said. 

The family are now trying to raise funds and are seeking community support, to fly Dawson back to Honduras for burial. 

Maggie Linwood said they were praying for Dilroy to make a full recovery. 

“He is doing OK,” she said. “He understands what we are saying to him, but it is going to be a slow recovery. The doctors want him to stay relaxed and have no visitors at this time.” 

Dawson lived in Grand Cayman as a youngster with his family, who were here at the time on work permits. When he was 11, his parents moved the family back to Guanaja. Felmon Linwood returned to Grand Cayman to take up permanent residency several years later. His wife and three of his sons followed around 2009, but Dawson, who was 22 by that time, stayed in Guanaja with his family. 

Dawson had three other brothers, Francisco, 27, who lives in Honduras; Amari, 7; and Malcolm, 16, who had just returned with him after a trip to Honduras for school vacation.  

He also is survived by a sister Kessyrene Linwood, 36, in Grand Cayman, and his children in Honduras, Kenue, 7, Kendra, 5, Felmon, 3, and Thashani, eight months. 


Police issued a brief press release at the weekend urging anyone who witnessed the accident to call Bodden Town police station at 947-2220. 


Dilroy Linwood, right, with his brother Dawson.

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