Kids will be able to Dart around more in the new season

The competitive age group swimming season technically ended in July, but the Stingray Swim Camp will be providing swimmers from all of Cayman’s clubs and schools with the opportunity to get some much needed pool time to help keep them in competitive shape for the first two weeks of August.

The swim camp is supported by Dart Enterprises Ltd.

“Dart’s support of competitive age group swimming is evident by the commitment Camana Bay has made in its sponsorship of the Camana Bay Aquatic Club,” said Jo Lawson, chair of Dart’s Philanthropic Giving Committee.

“In just two years, Camana Bay Aquatic Club has become an extremely successful competitive club and we look forward to its continued growth under its new head coach Brad Hutton, who starts on 26 August.

“This camp is giving all of Cayman’s competitive age group swimmers the opportunity to get wet and Dart is happy it could help make this happen.”

During each swim season, coaches at Stingray, Camana Bay Aquatic Club, Brac Barracudas and Team TI write workouts for their swimmers which develop strength, speed and endurance.

Throughout the season, they swim in training cycles, with each cycle focusing on different skills and techniques.

Each cycle builds on the previous cycle, and swimmers work hard day in and day out to maintain their fitness and to compete in the domestic and international meets on their calendars.

And then comes the summer. When asked why swimmers train so much, Stingray’s head coach Andy Copley said: “This is because swimmers compete in an environment which is not natural to them, they lose endurance and swimming fitness rapidly when they are not training.

“Studies have shown that a week out of the water can translate into two weeks loss of endurance performance, so taking the whole summer off just isn’t an option.”

“We are extremely grateful to Dart Enterprises for their support,” said Stingray Swim Club president Dr. Brenda McGrath.

“This year, we have been able to hold two weeks of camp for all of Cayman’s competitive age group swimmers – with week one catering to the 10 and under age group and week two the 11 and over age groups.

“This is a great opportunity for all of our swimmers to get some pool time in while also having fun in a non-competitive atmosphere.”

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