Authorities make plea for ex-cons getting second chance

Sick of getting burgled? Why not hire an ex-con?

That was one solution put forward by a senior police officer as she faced questions from frustrated George Town homeowners over a rise in break-ins in their neighbourhood.

George Town Commander Angelique Howell said she accepted that some criminals were beyond help.

But she said there were some who deserved a second chance and she urged George Town business owners to consider giving them a job.

Repeat offenders have been blamed for many of the burglaries around the capital.

Chief Inspector Howell said that some of them simply needed a shot at real work.

“Some of them are not employable, but one of the major things we have, unfortunately, is that, for some of them, because they have the criminal records, they are not getting employment.

“What we would like to say to communities and business owners is take a chance with one or two of them, try to get them back into society, you might be surprised.”

She said convicted criminals coming back on to the streets after serving time in prison were among the most prolific offenders. And she urged the community to do what it could to help them change their ways.

“I know that sometimes we take chances with them and they let us down but we cannot give up.

“We cannot give up because they will continuously be a problem and we will continuously be here all year long talking about it.

“We have to come together as a community and do what we can for those that are in need. Some of them are so far gone that they can’t help themselves unless we come forward and help them,” said Ms Howell.

She added, “I don’t believe we should just think about locking them up and throwing away the key. I think we should think about rehabilitation and try our best to assist them.

“Please, if any of you have the powers that you can help one person, I will ask you to do so. Some of them are not as bad as you would think, but they are written off by the community and the society.”

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