Verdict awaited on murder trial

No verdict had been returned as of 6pm Friday in the trial of Tareek Ricardo Ricketts, who is charged with the murder of Jackson Donovan Rainford on the night of Sunday, 16 December 2012.

After closing addresses by the prosecution and defence and a summing up by Justice Alexander Henderson, the jury of four men and eight women retired on Friday at 1.30pm.

At 5pm, the judge told jurors he needed to hear from them as to possible options for deliberations to continue; his purpose was not to pressure them in any way.
At 5.50pm, jurors advised that they wished to continue at 3pm on Saturday and the judge adjourned until then.

He reminded them that they should not allow anyone to speak to them about the case; if anyone persisted, they should report it to him and he would deal with it.

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