More contraband found in prison

While the search for the three escaped inmates continued outside the prison walls, staff inside Northward searched cells and turned up contraband. 

According to a press release from the prison Tuesday, officials found alcohol, ganja and a phone inside inmates’ cells in the Bravo Wing Sunday during a search. 

Inside one cell, the prison officers found three parcels of what appeared to be ganja, two 1-litre bottles of white rum, five packs of Rizla cigarette papers and two packs of double platinum tobacco cigar wraps, and recovered a Blackberry Curve phone from another cell. 

Director of Prisons Neil Lavis said the search of the cells took place after a prison officer saw an inmate run back to a cell block after picking up a package that had been thrown over the fence. 

“We will continue to take prompt action against those whom we suspect of having contraband. This was a piece of good work from the officer involved,” Mr. Lavis said. 

A number of seizures have been made at the prison in recent weeks. 

On Friday, 9 August, prison officers found a package of ganja weighing nearly two pounds and a bottle of Bailey’s Rum Cream which had been tossed over the fence. In late July, officers found ganja, alcohol and a mobile phone charger on a group of inmates as they returned from playing in an indoor football league. 


Prison officials found ganja, alcohol and a phone in inmates’ cells during a search Sunday.

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