‘Southwell Years’ tales to hit Cayman’s airwaves

The seafarers and mariners of the “Southwell Years” will be taking to the waves again, but this time they’re making their voyages on the airwaves.

The recollections of seafarers during the “Southwell Years,” compiled by the late Consuelo Ebanks, will be aired in the coming weeks and months.

The period known as the Southwell Years refers to the decades last century during which seaman sent their money home, helping lay the foundations for Cayman’s economy.

Each week, the Cayman National Cultural Foundation hosts “Caymanian Stories” on Radio Cayman, featuring the work of local storytellers, including Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette, Venita Ryan, Virginia Foster, Lady Rabia, Twyla Vargas and others.

Beginning this Saturday, Aug. 24 at 9am, the foundation will begin airing stories weekly from “The Southwell Years – Recollections of Caymanian Seamen and Those Who Served at Home,” which were compiled by Ms Ebanks, who passed away earlier this year.

Readers will include people who contributed to the book, local actors and storytellers, and family members of people mentioned in the book, among others.

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