Family Resource Centre gets helping hand

The Family Resource Centre supports a variety of programs that promote healthy relationships and families in the Cayman Islands, including family skills sessions, domestic violence intervention training and Fathers First.

To keep the initiative going, sponsors in the local community have been helping to fund it. Rotary Sunrise has made two donations to the center this year, totaling $1,840.

The center’s program coordinator, Miriam Foster, accepted the most recent kcheck on behalf of the Family Resource Centre at one of Rotary Sunrise’s morning meetings.

“It is very gratifying when we partner with the private sector in this manner. It suggests that the public is becoming more aware with regards to the need to address social issues,” Ms Foster said.

She encouraged individuals to make use of the services offered by the Family Resource Centre, explaining that becoming involved with one program can lead participants to even more helpful resources.

“The family skills sessions are a great way for families to learn skills they can incorporate into their daily lives while gaining a better understanding of the other programs we offer,” she said.