Rainy August leads up to Ivan anniversary


The Cayman Islands splashed through the wettest August in nearly 30 years last month, while a pattern of consistent rainfall has continued into early September as residents prepare to observe the ninth anniversary of the climatological wrecking ball that was Hurricane Ivan. 

Torrential downpours, including a tropical wave that dumped nearly 4 inches of rainfall on the islands in a single day, helped make August 2013, the third wettest since records began in 1957. 

In total 10.7 inches fell during the month. There were three separate tropical waves, that each produced in excess of half-an-inch of rainfall, according to John Tibbetts, chief meteorologist at the Cayman Islands National Weather Service. 

“The most significant tropical wave passed through the Cayman Islands on August 14 producing 3.67 inches or 34 per cent of the overall total,” Mr. Tibbetts said. “This was the greatest 24 hour rainfall total.  

“Overall, August 2013 was the third wettest August since records began in 1957.” 

The wettest August on record was 1973 when 12.2 inches of rain fell in the month. 

The total rainfall for 2013 so far is 33.27 inches. The 30-year average through August is 29.97. 

The wet weather continued in the opening days of September with showers forecast through Wednesday evening. The news comes as the Cayman Islands prepares to mark the ninth anniversary of Hurricane Ivan, which devastated Grand Cayman on Sept. 11-12, 2004. 

Ivan – a classical long lived Cape Verde hurricane and one of the most damaging Caribbean storms in recent history, battered the Cayman Islands with intense winds, heavy rain and unrelenting storm surge, causing widespread property damage in the hundreds of millions of dollars. 


Making a splash. August, 2013, was the third wettest on record.