Companies: New technology to boost Internet speeds

Consumers can soon expect faster Internet service thanks to new technology being introduced by service providers in Grand Cayman.

Digicel announced last week it will launch the 4G Long Term Evolution, known as LTE, network spectrum in the Cayman Islands in December, with the project being rolled out in 2014. The company says the LTE spectrum is the latest standard for wireless communication of high-speed data, with the move resulting in faster Internet speeds.

“The 4G LTE mobile networks will bring faster Internet on your mobile, including streaming music and video, video conferencing, faster downloads and more pictures,” the company noted in a news release.

LIME earlier announced plans to introduce the 4G LTE network by the end of the year, which it says will radically improve data speeds and mobile network performance. The system will be accelerated in 2014.

“Customers can look forward to being able to enjoy the same breadth and quality of applications and data speeds as in the U.S. market,” Martin Roos, acting CEO of LIME, said in a news release.

Meanwhile, Logic is expanding its fiber-optic network to boost Internet speed, as well as launch new services including LogicTV. The voice and data provider plans to invest $54 million in new fiber installations during the next five years.


  1. As Digicel, LIME Logic are mostly focused on providing quality services in George Town and along the West Bay Road; I would not get too excited about this announcement if you live outside of the afore-mentioned areas.

  2. It has been some time now that Lime has already introduced 4G LTE mobile network on island.

    The internet speeds on island are really abysmal when compared to those in developed countries like US, Canada or UK. I was in Canada last week and the internet there was many times faster than the best and most expensive packages being offered by Lime, Digicel or Logic (fibre would be fast but it is not available everywhere). It’s about time that the internet providers here upgrade their network to provide a better service to customers.

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