Buzz stings Deloitte in thriller

The ever popular King’s Sports Centre five-a-side football season has wrapped up and the championship game was a fitting end to another three months of excellent indoor action. 

In the final game of the summer season, Cayman Buzz Crusaders played Deloitte and the tempo did not diminish from start to finish. 

Without their outstanding keeper Kelvin Brown for the semis and the final, Buzz had to rely on their outfield players to fill in. Davey McLaughlin, Santangelo Bush and David Connolly all did a sterling job as Buzz beat a resilient Deloitte side 3-2. Deloitte had a relatively small squad with only a couple of subs, which may have played a part toward the end when they tired.  

Buzz captain Kris Pearson opened the scoring when he seized on a defensive mistake to cleverly smash home before Dan Lowry equalized from a well-worked free kick.  

Matthew Fong put Deloitte up 2-1 with another beautifully worked goal and just before half time Alex “Cotton” Campbell equalized after a series of intricate moves by Buzz.  

Toward the end of the game, Pearson was the hero again, completing a brilliant move by Buzz for the winner. The rest of the match saw Deloitte pressing for another goal and Buzz trying to counter which generated tremendous excitement.  

Buzz held on to win 3-2 in a thrilling match played in the right spirit. Buzz walked away with the winners’ trophy and $500 credit to spend in any sports bar of their choice.  

Pearson got the winner in the semis against Transformers the previous week when they won 5-4, so he really played a captain’s role.  

Deloitte were the only team to beat Buzz in league games so this was an even more satisfying result for the champs who regained their crown from two seasons ago.  

League organizer Andre Morgan said, “This truly was a championship game. Cayman Buzz were knocked out last season in the semi-finals and they came back with a vengeance.  

“They fought fiercely against every opponent they faced from beginning to the end. Deloitte on the other hand has done well for the past two seasons, moving up from the social league to the more competitive division.  

“The game was intense from start to finish. Throughout the second half, it was hard to tell who would come out the victor.  

“Buzz played with skill and tactically, Deloitte played with strength and determination. In the end, the better team won. Good job, Deloitte, and congratulations to Cayman Buzz for winning the 2013 Kings Sports Centre Summer League.” 

Deloitte captain Dan Lowry said, “We were pleased with our run in the playoffs, it was good that we got our tactics and playing style right when it mattered.” 

Deloitte came up from the social league to be one of the best in Division 1 this season.  

“The level of competition is so much higher in Division 1,” Lowry said. “We adopted a much more defensive-minded approach as the season went on to make ourselves harder to beat. 

“The strength of our team depends so much on the new starters in the office which we have each January. Hopefully we’ll have one or two good players join us that will give us that something extra we need to win it all.”  

Lowry is pleased with the way the five-a-side league is being run.  

“Andre has done a great job in improving the league since he has taken over,” he said. “We used to turn up to play and never be sure that our opposition would be there. It is now much better organized.” 

The most important issue to improving the set up for Lowry is to increase the number of teams in the league.  

“A couple of seasons ago there were three divisions and now we’re down to just one,” he said. ”I’d like to see the entrance fee reduced to see if we can get more teams entering. 

“Finally, I’d like to thank the referees for putting up with all of the grief they get from the players – me included – every week and also congratulate Cayman Buzz for a great season.” 

The new league is set to tentatively start on Monday, Sept. 23.  

Registrations are expected to be in by Wednesday. 


Buzz captain Kris Pearson scored winners at vital times.