Regional competition set for investors

The Department of Commerce and Investment is encouraging Cayman-based investors to enter the first Regional Investor of the Year competition.  

The competition is a joint initiative of the Caribbean Export Development Agency and the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies. It is open to local and foreign investors who have made significant contributions to the economies in which they operate.  

“This is an excellent opportunity to showcase regional success stories, and I am confident that some of Cayman’s investors are well-positioned to win either category awards or the overall competition,” said Ryan Rajkumarsingh, DCI director.  

He noted that top placements would benefit the investors and Cayman. The winners will gain regional recognition and “bragging rights” for their accomplishments and, ultimately, the country will get additional exposure that could help attract other investment projects, he said.  

Investors will be evaluated in areas such as the number and skill level of jobs created, a demonstrated commitment to implement programs that develop local talent, and corporate and social responsibility efforts. 

The awards also will recognize companies that have invested in areas of strategic importance to the region, such as green energy and research and development, as well as projects that involve a high degree of innovation and creativity, and those that are championed by women.  

Winners will be announced at the CAIPA General Assembly in Belize on Nov. 22. CEDA and CAIPA will feature the winners on their websites and in investment promotion campaigns. 


Application forms and competition details are available at All applications must be submitted through DCI, to [email protected], by the entry deadline of 11:59 p.m. AST Oct. 11. 
Mrs. Ducent is also available via phone to answer questions. She can be reached at 244-2278.