Editorial for September 20: A home for dialysis

Cayman’s kidney patients, who hook up to dialysis machines three times a week, finally have some more space and privacy to undergo the life-saving, but tedious and time-consuming exercise.

The Health Services Authority officially opened its new dialysis unit at the Cayman Islands Hospital on Wednesday.

The man who diagnosed and treated many of the kidney patients, the late Dr. Frits Hendriks, sadly, did not get to see the new unit open. Had he done so, no doubt, he would have been thinking about how to get patients out of the unit by finding them new kidneys. He was a major advocate for legislation to legalize the harvesting, donation and transplantation of organs in Cayman. The law finally passed this year.
Nephrologist Dr. Hendriks, who was a medical representative on the committee that drew up the basis of the law, spoke often and passionately about the need for this legislation.

Perhaps, one way to honor Dr. Hendriks for his medical work and his tireless efforts to push for legislation that gives a glimmer of hope and recovery to local dialysis patients, who otherwise may wait years for suitable donors to be found in the U.S., would be to name the new unit after him. We would certainly support such a dedication.